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Facebook’s New Propaganda Partners

Facebook’s New Propaganda Partners

Alan MacLeod

Media giant Facebook recently announced (Reuters, 9/19/18) it would combat “fake news” by partnering with two propaganda organizations founded and funded by the US government: the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

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I’ve said it ad nauseam, Facebook is Not Your Friend.

Excellent article on the scum here…


The idea that Facebook can control what is on its network is a delusion. It connects over 2 billion people and the number of items posted must be an astonishing number. Each day hundreds of millions of photos are posted. Certainly a person with good sense would not use Facebook as a primary news source,. People trust what “friends” forward and that is a big mistake. No matter what Facebook does or who it partners with fake news will get passed around. While disseminating fake news Facebook is also destroying journalism. What is successful on Facebook is what evokes emotion not what requires deep thinking. This has forced news outlets to have bias for emotional content so that it gets a lot of views on Facebook. The advertisers have left the newspapers because favor of Facebook’s cheap targeted ads. Newspaper staffs have been decimated. One thing that citizens can do is buy subscriptions to their local newspapers to help give them a source of revenue.This article shows that at least Mark Zuckerberg has woken up to the fact that he has created a monster that is out of control. He will never be able to control it but he now finally acknowledges there is a serious problem. But in a sense it is too late. He should have realized at the beginning that connecting everyone on one network is a bad idea, a very bad idea.

John Oliver took this topic on with typical aplomb on “Last Week Tonight” on 9/23. Just search on “John Oliver facebook ad.”

“Facebook is a toilet.”

“How many foxes does it take to guard a hen house?” is no joke

The Russian cyber invasion is an excuse for social platforms to censor ideas and information. It’s cloaked in protection but it’s censorship. If anyone using social media is fooled by cyber hacks, so be it. That’s life. If anyone using social media in this day and age doesn’t understand it as the social control tool that it is, so be it. They are not in the majority. Cyber hacks didn’t influence our election. I’m repeating myself, but the election was rigged from within. But now that we must be all fearful that the Russians are coming, the screws are tightening on what someone decides about what can and cannot be allowed (ideas) on media…determined by who? Taking our freedoms.

Can you say Fascistbook ?

When will left media sites, such as Counterpunch stop directing their readers to FB for ‘debate.’? I find people who say they oppose it but continue to use it, ‘but not often,’ are fooling themselves that they are not supporting it. FB is the tarbaby and apparently the more you struggle, in approved ways, the stucker you are. Consider what that rhymes with.


Good point. That’s one of my biggest frustrations with Counterpunch.
I’m not on FB and have no plans to be.