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Facebook Shareholders Accuse Zuckerberg of Running 'Corporate Dictatorship' and Condemn Data Privacy Scandal as 'Human Rights Violation'


Facebook Shareholders Accuse Zuckerberg of Running 'Corporate Dictatorship' and Condemn Data Privacy Scandal as 'Human Rights Violation'

Julia Conley, staff writer

At a tense annual meeting, Facebook shareholders added their voices to the outcry that's been directed at the social media giant over its recent user privacy scandal and what some suggested has been CEO Mark Zuckerberg's outsized control over the company.

"If privacy is a human right, as stated by Microsoft's CEO, then we contend that Facebook's poor stewardship of customer data is tantamount to a human rights violation," said shareholder Christine Jantz.


From the article:

“Will corporate dictatorships support a strong, democratic government in these United States of America, or will they continue to seek short-term power and profits for the few at the expense of conditions that favor the long-term broader interests of all their shareholders and users?” Ritchie asked.

Is that a trick question?

And then there’s this:

“The data of at least 87 million Facebook users ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm which was connected to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. The information was reportedly used to create profiles of American voters in order to target them with personalized political ads.”

Never mind Russia “meddling” in our elections—what about our (nominal) fellow citizens??

While we BDS Israel, let’s BDS Facebook!


Facebooks shareholders don’t give damn about our privacy or anything else for that matter, except for the value of Facebook Shares on any given day.


All corporations are basically dictatorships, with strict hierarchies to enforce corporate law. Democracy has little if anything to do with the system. If you think that Zuck can be shamed by articles like this, or anything else, into acting more human, then you are deluding yourself. The bottom line is the only thing that matters. The ONLY thing.


Get used to it. Whether it’s Don or Zuckerberg, they’re quite comfortable with dictatorship.


“I worked for a snake, and then it bit me.”

I don’t suppose it’s a bad idea to complain. Maybe somebody will hear and not make the same mistake.

Is “corporate dictatorship” not redundant?

I have done it. I am not unsympathetic, altogether. But at some point, you have to quit working for the snake. You have to decide that your hours and days are worth more than sale to the highest bidder.

That’s not easy because the landlord and the grocer keep asking for their cut. But if you do not take on the project, the snake bites you. It’s the only reason a snake keeps you around.