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Facebook to Ban Political Ads After Polls Close on Nov. 3, 'Just in Time to Have No Impact Whatsoever'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/facebook-ban-political-ads-after-polls-close-nov-3-just-time-have-no-impact

The last election Russian sources were alleged to have spent some 300000$ on advertising on Facebook and according to many here and the DNC that tilted the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Bloomberg spent some 600 MILLION on his own campaign for leadership of the Democratic Party and could garner no more then 50 delegates,


Please delete Mark’s toy before he hurts you with it.



Why are people still using face book?

And why do progressive web sights use facebook as their primary means of comments? (counterpunch as one example)

There are many things that are very challenging to stop doing: I still need to drive now and then (unfortunately), I can’t grow all my own food, I use electricity . . . . but it was very easy to not use facebook.

It is not an essential business.


When FB first came out and it was explained to me that it was a useful tool to take pictures of one’s linguini parmesan from dinner to impress one’s friends I just knew I could live without it! I am very grateful to whomever gave me the heads up on that.


Proud to say I’ve never used Facebook.
It’s an egotistical tool, a feckless way for people to expose their friends and families to online stalkers and worse, and a propaganda machine.
Facebook should be nationalized and turned into a public utility.
Zuck has all the money he needs.


Bloomberg used the wrong propagandists.
Putin and his boys are much smarter than the clowns Bloomie used.
It isn’t a matter of “belief” that Russian interference helped Trump in the last election. It’s a fact.
It’s also a fact that Hillary was a weak candidate and the DNC ran a pathetic campaign.
The bottom line is, Trump sucks, and anything that helps him con voters is bad.


An independent journalist pointed out to a US Diplomat the hypocrisy of claiming Russia meddled in US elections when that person had in fact headed an organization in Russia that funded and supported groups opposed to Putin . They were in fact doing exactly what they claimed Russia was doing.

The response was words to the effect of “yes we do that and I am proud of it because we have GOOD reasons”. Putin still won despite that US meddling.

The USA meddles in elections the world over.

It is NOT a fact that that 300000 dollars spent influenced US election results. That is just a claim you are making. You can not establish it as a fact. HRC was just a bad candidate. Sanders would have easily beaten Trump as he was strongest in those battleground states.

I would point out as well that HRC and the DNC team wanted trump to win the Republican nomination. They wanted it more then Putin did.


But, they will shut down your account for posting articles and images critical of D J Trumplethinskin.


Just like local affiliate channels, Facebook loves them a presidential election year. It’s like Christmas every day because of the bloated ad revenue. Never mind that very few are truthful. The fairness doctrine is history. Just like everything else in this libertarian nation of Kochestan, buyer beware.
Zuckerberg will personally make BILLIONS from this election.


Amen! Progressives have grown far too dependent on Zuckerberg’s abomination. I don’t have a FB account, and never will.


Excellent question. I complained to Counterpunch about that many years ago but …


I went on facebook some years ago because it was the only way i could get my tech addicted son to communicate with me . Well, that lasted about one year until i got fed up reading people daily minute by minute account of their boring and pathetic lives -
" Good morning everyone i just woke up with a headache and would like all of my 'friends ’ to send love and attention . I’m now on the toilet after having eaten a bagel and cream cheese with Vegan free range organic tofu fried in extra extra extra virgin olve oil from a tiny island off of the coast of greece . have a nice day everyone , i’ll post more in ten minutes or so " WTF ?


If you are still on this phonyfacebook why?

I was on it years ago for far too long–two weeks. I was shocked at the drivel and was trying to use it as a platform for union organizing. Had a rude awakening. I am definitely, “woke”.

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What an amazing world we have “allowed” to be created. It’s the “allowing”, stupid. Stop the “allowing”, and maybe there will be hope.

can we say–gas light?

The headline says that Facebook will ban political ads just in time to have no effect.

But this election will drag on for possibly many weeks after the polls close on November 3.

Count the mail-in ballots.
Dispute the mail-in ballots.
Dispute Trump’s claim that voting was rigged (in the states he lost).
Take that dispute to court.
Hand recounts.

Believe me, Zuckerberg will have lots of political content on Facebook after November 3.

A good thing to do is not do any of the social media bullshit; facebook, instagram, twitter, etc, etc, etc, have never used, or looked at any of the aforementioned drivel, life is too short as it is to glue yourself to any of it.

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Facebook is brimming with agitprop disseminated from every conceivable source.
Anything the Russians plant(ed) or “like(d)” or repost(ed) was/is lost in the shuffle.

And there’s the much-touted Russian goal of polarizing the electorate.
Like we haven’t accomplished that quite nicely without outside help.

That Bernie Sanders buys into and spreads the Russia-as-boogieman bullshit is a disgrace.

It’s a rather long read, but the latest chapter in this hoax has been exposed as dubious by Ben Norton over at The Grayzone. Crying “Russia” and “Putin” – once mostly the Democrats’ go-to option for making excuses about losing to Trump – is now also the established way to attack alternative media sources. Worth the effort, if you have a few moments:


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