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Facebook Under Fire for Censoring One of the Most Iconic War Photos


Facebook Under Fire for Censoring One of the Most Iconic War Photos

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Facebook is under fire for censoring an iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of the horrors of the Vietnam war, with the social media site's chief, Mark Zuckerberg, being accused of "abusing his power," trying "to change history," and even waging an attack on democracy itself.


Violating Facebook's nudity policy? That little girl is now a woman in severe pain everyday of her life. F__K You Mark Zuckerberg!


Ok, so This is not new..... The topic is about if Facebook (or Google) is a publisher, and then ultimately does it actively censor via the Algo. And you have to ask Can We Make The Web More Ehtical...... which is what these Swedish guys at Netopia did right here >>http://www.netopia.eu/new-report-can-we-make-the-digital-world-ethical/


Mark Zuckerberg is a neoliberal clown who supports Hillary.
He also likes the Zionist, fascist Netanyahu a lot.
Screw him and his authoritarian manifestations.


And that is why war once again rages against native Americans in ND, and against all of us around the world, with little or no coverage in the MSM!


Thankyou for sharing your outrage.



in their dealings for our hidden government -- should be the banner over it --

More fakery by Facebook



Everyone should take the time to watch the film titled The Social Network.
Based on Ben Mezrich's book and with a screen play written by Aaron Sorkin, provides an intriguing perspective on both Facebook, Zuckerberg, and the entrepreneurial ethos infesting our culture.


What is the true obscenity?


I really wish the Green Party wouldn't use Facebook as the vehicle for their community discussion. Fuckerberg and his privacy invading site doesn't deserve them.


The US killed between 1.5 and 3 million in Viet Nam. A destabilized Cambodia killed 3 - 4 million. 1 - 2 million in Iraq. Some say the total people killed by the US since 1945 is 25 - 30 million.

Balance the budget. No subsidies to oil companies or anybody else. Vote in an entirely new house of representatives this november.


I left facebook a few years back because of this sort of thing. Additionally, the service itself is purposefully limited.


If it were just some algorithm that automatically deleted nude pictures, that would be one thing. But it looks like this turkey deleted the photo on purpose which indicates that he isn't just making a political statement in favor of the Viet Nam war (and by extension, all the rest of the unnecessary wars that we've been fighting ever since), but he's also making a statement of what a total AHole he is.

I can't think of a single reason how he can justify this.


Blaming the victims (both Vietnamese and Murkins) of the Viet Nam occupation for all that went wrong has been the US Government's policy ever since the Raygun revolution. If Jimmy Carter had not granted amnesty to draft resistors during his first month in office it would have never happened.

Zuckerburg is just complying with US Government policy so Facebook can continue to get lucrative surveillance contracts.


That is what I did. I admit it did make me lose contact with some friends I knew in college but they would understand. There is little to no reason to use Facebook.


I never could stand the little creep, *uckerberg and have no interest in ever joining Facebook. His actions do not surprise me at all.


The power that Facebook now has over distribution of journalism is
dangerous in many ways. That Facebook made an exception for this
particular photo does not make that power acceptable in general.
Instead of trying to moderate Facebook's exercise of that power, we should
take the power away.

Thus, instead of Europe's proposed "link tax" that would serve no
valid public purpose, I suggest legislating to bar Facebook absolutely
from distributing journalistic works that were published elsewhere.
Perhaps this could apply to companies that have over total of over 1
million user accounts, or generally to all companies that run social
networks. These sites should be allowed only to make links to
independent original publication sites.

A variant of the idea is to tax the social networking company for each
such article it distributes, using a progressive tax rate. To
distributes a few articles each day would not cost them much; to
publish thousands a day would be prohibitively expensive.

See stallman.org/facebook.html for more harm that Facebook does.


Granted I do not know details on how this particular picture got censored but I am suspecting it was done by an automatic service. I feel the outrage is a bit over the top.


Infesting. Perfect word choice.


These people are turning on your microphone and using the parsed results to direct you ads. You are insane for using it. Move to one of the distributed social networking platforms, like GNUSocial, Friendica, Diaspora, or pump.io.