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Facebook Wants to Be Better About Privacy, Just Not With These 1.5 Billion Users


Facebook Wants to Be Better About Privacy, Just Not With These 1.5 Billion Users

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent several hours of congressional testimony this month insisting that his company is seriously dedicated to improving user privacy protections in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but these rhetorical gestures have been undermined by the social media giant's ongoing efforts to deny privacy protections to a staggering 70 percent of its users worldwide.


Privacy is dead, and we have killed it.
-Virtual Nietzsche

(Perhaps Zuckerberg fancies himself as the twenty-first century Zarathustra.)


There is nothing in the law that can prevent technological back doors that will continue to record and store every piece of information that you ever put on the web.

It is already clear that facebook has been user interaction on any site containing a face book symbol even though you are not a face book member.

Including this one.

In the past two days I have seen ads on web pages I have visited seconds after I have voiced interest in something. The only microphone nearby was my phone, and I was not on any app on the phone.


I’ve seen ads pop up after visiting sites using Duck Duck go, I thought they were secure, I guess not.


Duckduckgo doesn’t track, but your ISP does. I have AT&T and they know every hoary detail of my wretched life…and I hope they choke on it! :wink:


The smiling face of a proven thief whose crimes …uh…mistakes…seem to always benefit either the billionaire class or Israel or both.
For those who missed it, Amy Goodman interviewed an observer who pointed out that the Ronhingya ethnic cleansing and mass murder by the Burmese military was made possible specifically by Facebook, which allowed false blood libels to spread about the Roningya throughout the Burmese nation. What a coincidence that Israel was the source of the Burmese weaponry to finish off the job. Just makin’ a little cash on the side, just like the Knesset did in Guatemala way back in the late 70s when President Carter banned weapons sales to the Guatemalan junta.


I don’t want to be petty…oh WTF…I’m gonna be petty:


(Do I get vomit-bag ads now?) More importantly, will this fit in a Tweet?


Once they came up with cookies it was all over. Cookies allow third party sites to track you. You can block cookies or delete them every time you do something but that makes using the internet much more difficult. Cookies were needed for shopping sites. Before cookies, if you placed something in the cart and went back for more shopping the site has no record of what you had done. So cookies allowed for buying more than one item at a time. But they also allowed for third party tracking and that compromises privacy. Firefox has an addon to let you see all the third party sites that are connected to the site you are on and even block any of them but blocking often makes it impossible to use the site. Of course, if you don’t want to see ads there are ad blocking programs available that work pretty well.


We are looking at the face of a wise ass imp secure in his knowledge that he has the backing of his oligarchy friends in both houses. It is a condescending look. As far as fitting on a tweet only one way to find out perhaps doing so between more important things perhaps while sitting on a toilet seat…


I get that too here in Europe. It’s sickening!!


“Condescending”. Looks like a smug jerk to me.


Enemy of free people and free speech. Nauseating jerk.