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Facebook's Hire of Patriot Act Co-Author Raises Questions on Company's Commitment to Privacy

Facebook's Hire of Patriot Act Co-Author Raises Questions on Company's Commitment to Privacy

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Social media giant Facebook made a major hire Monday, bringing on lawyer Jennifer Newstead as the company's general counsel—a move that generated criticism due to Newstead's work two decades ago drafting the Patriot Act.

The company announced the hire by citing Newstead's extensive work in government. Most recently, Newstead acted as the legal adviser for the State Department.

From the article:

“‘It’s almost as if we’re living in some bizarro world where the company does exactly the opposite of what Zuckerberg states publicly,’ said Soltani.”

Almost? Bizarro?? This is the new normal, and has been since Grandpa Caligula Reagan appointed James Watt and Ann Gorsuch Burford to run Interior and EPA, respectively, ushering in a golden age of regulatory capture—which is now metastatizing into the private sector.


It’s easy. STOP using Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Technology isn’t always your friend.


You didn’t need Facebook before Zuckerberg created it. You certainly don’t need it now.


Yes, we have reached the Twilight Zone.

On a more sinister note, I’m glad I don’t do Facebook.

That Yoo would have praise for the woman is no surprise. Two traitors would love each other’s company. He and the entire Bush administration were domestic enemies of the Constitution.

Operation Mockingbird lives under some new name, as Snowden pointed out.

As Edward Bernays noted a century ago, “We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we’ve never heard of.”


I sampled for a year or so and then quit facebook years ago over this exact issue.

Plus, I didn’t like having interesting friends edited out of my life. Email is way better.

Since we seem to live in a culture where we have limited choices as to what services we will use or stores we will shop in - facebook seems like the only game in town. So much for the alternative choices capitalists always talk about. Go to small town america today. What choice do they have? Walmart. Even in the metropolitan areas we are coming down to Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, Office Depot, Costco, Starbucks. Small locally owned restaurants have basically been destroyed by corporate owned chains. We have little or no choice. Like Kennedy said about the CIA, Facebook should be broken up into a thousand pieces with local facebooks getting a share of the pie. Monopoly power is not good for you or your children.


What about a real letter?

That is true on many of our institutions and especially government. It is known as inversion. Basically whatever they say is actually the opposite of what is happening. When they say freedom they actually mean slavery. When they say Democracy they actually mean Oligarchy. When they say choice they actually mean no choice. Been going all for a long time.


We have a lot of dead people from Boeing 737 MAX flights that gave their lives due to a failure of technology.


I like letters yet the stamp alone is 55¢.

I know - but they are a lot more classy than email and think of the number of jobs based on a letter. You could build a whole economy on a letter and all the people involved in making a letter happen.


Anyone with a sense of smell can pick up a troubling, autocratic aroma in psychiatry, psychology, &c. from the time of Eddie’s uncle Sigmund. Within a control-freak cultural context, theories of mind unsurprisingly revolve around how to control and manipulate people (rather than, for instance, how to love or understand people).

This stuff works until it doesn’t. At some point, people get tired of getting shoved around, not to mention condescended to: Welcome into the mysterious magical tent of the future we’ve dreamed up just for you, lovely children, we have cookies & candies galore.


This doesn’t “raise questions” about Facebook’s ethics

It answers them.


in this case because the technology validation process was trumped by corporate greed



“… will help us fulfill our mission,”

So now they even admit what their mission is. They want to have all your personal information so that they can share it with whomever is willing to pay.


As a local organizer and activist in Oregon, it would be difficult to communicate and “share” information and events with a wide audience without Facebook. Face to face is best of course and the most secure, but the physical distances make that a difficult. Not to mention timeliness.

Facebook is a double edged sword for the people. I’m not sure any electronic device or gadget is secure. Gotta keep that in mind when using stuff like FB.

PS I don’t use a cell or smart phone or any of the popular apps. I don’t even know how to text or do other techy stuff. Too old to adapt.


“During her time in the Bush administration, Newstead was known for being the ‘day to day manager’ of the Patriot Act in Congress, according to torture memo author John Yoo.” Well, isn’t that special?
Who dares oppose a Patriot, especially one (or two) only acting as such?


All your databases are belong to us


Granted FB can make some things easier but we did it for a long time without.
Where in OR?