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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: If You Want Privacy, You're Going to Have to Pay for It

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: If You Want Privacy, You're Going to Have to Pay for It

Julia Conley, staff writer

Statements from Facebook's chief operating officer regarding concerns over the company's collection of users' data this week left some critics wondering why Facebook—already one of the richest tech companies in Silicon Valley—still appears intensely focused on accumulating vast profits even as its monetization methods have proven controversial.

Facebook is not your friend.

“We don’t sell data ever, we do not give personal data to advertisers*,” said Sandberg.

*At least not until we get caught. Then, we’ll apologize.


Facebook is one book destined for the “Bargain Bin.”

Delete and be Complete.


Indeed. Phasebook is certainly not attracting the youth as it once did. I would research this matter, if I cared…

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The novelty has worn off.


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Enough said!

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(and always pay cash)

SURE! Unless it is lucrative!


This Sheryl Sandbag person is such a shill mouthpiece and liar! FB knew exactly what it was and continues to be all about right from the beginning! Yah, right: “we never sell your data/info” - BS!

I am old and annoying, still use a flip-phone - do not text, tweet or frelling facebook! Never have!

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I don’t even understand this privacy issue. Why are people so dumb? If you give your information to Facebook, your photos, your life story, who your friends are, etc…IT’S NOT PRIVATE.


Posting that comment will now cost you $299.95.
How do you intend to pay for it? Does the gun I’m holding to your head bother you? I can withdraw it for an additional $179.95. How do you intend to pay for it? Your total is now $479.90.
And please, have a nice day and a blessed weekend.:grinning::grinning::grinning:


General rule of capitalism: if corporation A gives you something for free, YOU ARE THE COMMODITY.


…and a y-u-u-u-u-ge time suck. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…”

People should be willing to pay for Facebook. That would solve the privacy problem although it is unlikely Facebook would remain a profitable company. Facebook’s investors are going to want the best return on their investment they can get. The only solution that I see is government regulation. The government needs to regulate the collection of data and what happens to it. There are major sites that are non-profits like Wikipedia. That should be the model for the web of the future. Sites where users contribute and there is no advertising. The commercialization of the web has ruined what in the beginning seemed like a very promising new technology.

Holy crap that’s funny. Made my day, thanks.

No, thank you.

I hit the “like” because I do like what you said. Exactly right. However, there should also have been a dislike button available. This is a way of censoring or pre-ghosting (if you will) anyone’s voice here at this site and also on just about any comment site but fully epidemic on Facebook. I guess someone thinks we can’t handle downvotes, like giving a little award to every two-year-old at the Easter egg hunt, or other such events.
I know it doesn’t seem like much by itself, but this is really a manifestation of the core of the problem.

This article shows just how crazy society has become. It was never really altruistic, …ever, although it might show that odd trait every once in a while. Facebook was never “secure”. Not like letters, although to be sure, if someone wanted to get into your mail, they could. No, Facebook was the “tell us your secrets” website, the: ‘you will only share with your friends whom you select’ website.

That’s like giving the days business receipts to some person you see in a bank because, well they’re in a bank, so they must be OK. It isn’t even assured that the person in the bank you gave the bag of money too was on the ‘employee’ side of the wall, but still you gave them that bag of money to ‘deposit into my account,’ and you probably shouted out the account number and your SSN to them as well, just in case! So how did Facebook get to profitability if folks weren’t ever paying for the service?

A better question is: Why did nobody who was rushing to sign up ever ask that question?!!

How did folks get to not fearing companies? It may be too late to remind folks that the catch phrase in our country is and has always been: Buyer Beware! But then, they never sold you anything, huh? And still you gave them a whole bunch of valuables for safe keeping when they never promised to keep you or your valuables safe.

The bottom line is this: If you joined, then It’s too late! If they do offer a chance to “Pay for Privacy” you can be assured that your name will go onto a special list of folks. Beyond the list of those who already gave the bag of money to the random person in the bank to deposit for you. The new list you’re on is the list of people who gave the bag of money, and All of their personal information, AND who threw the soon to be robber a cash tip on top of it all! Hey if you show up every (insert billing period frequency here) day, then this can be really lucrative for the Nuevo riche person you saw at that bank. Isn’t Zuckerberg a lucky idiot?!

For those not getting the analogy: Facebook will take your money and still collect, parse, dissect and sell your information!

Dear Sheryl,
Lean in… so I can smack you in your greedy little face…

Nope. Not a chance. I have literally a couple of dozen nieces and nephews and their kids that we keep in close touch with thanks to FB. We would never hear or see them if not for the easy connections using FB allows for. They are all working and lead busy busy lives as do we and FB and text are the way they communicate with each other and us. No one has the time to write letters or call each and every one on a weekly basis so a FB comment, post or a text keeps them and us in the same loop. I hope someone comes along and takes down the Zuck and creates a better mousetrap but until then I would be a fool to lose touch with extended family.
I long ago lost touch with cousins and aunts and uncles that having a linking site like FB and texting would have prevented. It simply is not 1970 anymore. Younger people are just not going to call or write no matter how much the oldsters wish for it.