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Faced With COVID-19, Africa Shouldn’t Worry About Debt, but How to Make Tax Evaders Pay

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/07/faced-covid-19-africa-shouldnt-worry-about-debt-how-make-tax-evaders-pay

There should be limits to wealth. As Bernie says, “there should be no billionaires.” I don’t know what the numbers would need to be and recognize that incentives for hard work and specialized education are necessary for Progress, but so are guillotines.

All African debts should be written off. They are the means by which the Ex Colonial powers keep Colonialism in place turning African nations into subject states from which the Imperial Countries extract billions in wealth each year so as to make some small handful of people wealthier.

Africa should form its own currency and take control of their banking systems. I know it has been tried and I know the imperial powers acted to head that off but it something that African nations need to do. They have to stop selling everything off.

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Grow Hemp Africa ,become more independent .

You can be self sufficient in so much of what you produce. Solar is the future use it .Give free education to the the young . Educate all girls and let them self determine .

Dependence is humanity’s Achilles Heel .
There is another way. The future is so bright for you and the world lead the way …

I’m pretty sure he never said that. Estimates were that the wealth tax he proposed would result in billionaires, on average, being about 50% less wealthy after 15 years than they would otherwise be at that time…but they would still be wealthier than they were at the beginning of the 15 years.