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Faced with Defunding Threat from Senate, Planned Parenthood Fights Back


Faced with Defunding Threat from Senate, Planned Parenthood Fights Back

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Planned Parenthood grapples with a series of attacks against it by anti-choice forces, the political stakes are intensifying as the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate readies to vote on a measure that would strip all federal funding from the non-profit women's health organization.


This and all other economic and environmental disasters have their roots in voter suppression and the end of democracy.


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The Congresscritters supporting the elimination of funds for Planned Parenthood never hesitate to criticize the way the Taliban treats women even though it is close to the way the GOP treats the women who are not wealthy enough to leave their state or country to get services that middle class and the poor rely upon Planned Parenthood for.

The wealthy have always accessed whatever family planning services they want, its the middle class and poor that are oppressed by Taliban and GOP dictates.


Not all women who choose to exercise their RIGHT TO CHOOSE live in poverty. You would be surprised to know that the majority of the legal abortions performed in clinics/hospitals by licensed medical professionals are on women of means...enough to pay for the procedure and all the other corresponding medical expenses. Abortions are expensive and most women "in poverty" cannot afford to have them done under those circumstances.

The crisis is caused by the uninformed, ignorant, close-minded anti-choice groups that resort to lies and other underhanded tactics, which are overtly misogynist and hateful. And I hardly think their actions would be approved/sanctioned by JC.


Operation Rescue and Center for Medical Progress along with other groups of their ilk have no valid, substantive argument against a women's right to choose so they resort to creating patently false, misleading, and specious videos and press releases appealing to the ignorance of so many anti-choice proponents. In addition, they mask themselves as Christians while doing the "devil's work" (if you believe in such) meant to incite hatred and malice toward women. They are without shame or conscience. No one has the right to take away a woman's right to choose, which has been backed by SCOTUS. You would hope that elected officials would be more in touch with the thoughts and opinions of their constituents and disregard the malicious, specious anti-choice rhetoric that keeps rearing its ugly head with every national election cycle whether Congressional or Presidential.

Stand up for Planned Parenthood by going to plannedparenthood.org and signing their petition that will be directed to your Senators.


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There is an insidious pattern of the extremists reducing the sphere of services provided by Planned Parenthood, to people who would otherwise have no such care, information, support and referrals for WOMENS' HEALTH solely a matter of abortion rights which represents a miniscule percentage of this longstanding, reliable and sorely needed community service.

I cannot imagine that any woman would want to abort a pregnancy unless bringing to term represents unbearable hardship and places in profound doubt the life of the child as well. I cannot answer for a woman - the health of a woman must be strictly a matter of informed decision making between herself and her doctor


www.plannedparenthood.org I had no problem so please keep trying! Thank you.


And people who have zero critical thinking skills buy into this BS hook line and sinker and endanger the lives of those who work in these clinics...including a close relative of mine, for whose safety I am now deeply worried.


Republicans want to save the blastocysts. Some day these will become their cannon fodder.


Cookies wrote:

'Having a child is a deeply personal issue. Most women who decide not to carry a baby to term do so because they live in poverty. No one should interfere in that decision'

I suspect that many many pregnancies that are aborted early during the first trimester are those of very young women whose pregnancy tests come back positive, and who will do almost anything to conceal those results from their parents/guardians. Since abortion during that period may legally be performed by anyone (including non-professionals), the procedure is performed by a friend, with the products of conception flushed down a toilet.


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Bill introduced by "Libertarian" Rand Paul? So much for individual "freedom" ...


As another poster on here succinctly and articulately points out, deciding whether or not to have a child is a personal issue...like very. If a woman or girl wishes to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, that's her decision, and it's not up to anybody else to control, or try to control what a woman does with her body.

Moreover, unwanted pregnancies, if and when carried to term, do cause unnecessary hardships, especially for poor women, but they cause undue hardships for everybody, no matter who they are, or what their socioeconomic status or walk of life is.

Unwanted pregnancies don't necessarily and always result from unprotected sex (although unprotected sex is not something that should be encouraged.) Unwanted pregnancies can and do also result from birth control failure (yes, failures of birth control can and do happen.), or sexual assault, or even coercion, especially if the guy in question is older than the woman.

There are good, legitimate reasons for terminating an unwanted pregnancy: if it endangers the woman's physical and/or mental health, if it cripples a girl's ability to be independent and productive in our society and to get a sound education, or if it provokes general financial hardship or unmitigated tensions and hostilities within the family.

Many anti-choice people feel that women who terminate an unwanted pregnancy are killing an innocent human being. Nothing could be farther from the truth, imho. The fetus is merely a blueprint of a human life, and it's not a person until it fully emerges, fully developed into a human being, from the mother's womb.

If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, many women desperate to end an unwanted pregnancy, would revert back to getting illegal abortions, in illegal abortion mills, where back-alley butchers, who take full advantage of the fact that a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy and are not trained to perform the procedure(s) safely, perform an abortion on the woman that's illegal, unsafe, unsanitary, and is done in the wrong way, due to not having been trained to perform the procedure with the proper and safe techniques, and, all too often, with unsanitary equipment and facilities to do it. That is how it was prior to the advent of Roe v. Wade, and it could well go back to that kind of thing if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Many more people would also end up on the welfare rolls, which is not a desirable thing either, since most people who go on welfare do so as a very last resort, and end up hating it.

I also might add that motherhood is not for everybody, and if a woman chooses not to be a mother, that's her prerogative. It's not up to Operation Rescue or other anti-choice movements, politicians, clergy, or even ordinary laypeople, etc., to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body.


Thanks for the heads-up on all this, Seapower. I always knew that many of the anti-choice people were bad, and were out to deliberately endanger other people's rights (i. e. the right to choose.), and endanger the lives of clinic workers and patients alike. The attacks on Roe v. Wade began back in the mid-1970's, when Carter took power, in the form of the Helms-Hyde Amendmant, which was the first loophole/setback for women's right to choose.

The anti-choice movement, has, unfortunately, been getting progressively worse, and more dangerous. There have also been shootings/killings of doctors who performed abortions, as well as clinic workers and patients alike, dating as far back as the mid-1990'a.

When people have no legitimate arguments for their agenda, they do tend to falsify facts and tell lies to manipulate people into falling...hook, line and sinker for their lies. This is wrong, imho.


► Yes, their website is under attack at the moment, and they are referring people to their Facebook page


MaPol wrote (to theoldgoat):

'...Many anti-choice people feel that women who terminate an unwanted pregnancy are killing an innocent human being. Nothing could be farther from the truth, imho. The fetus is merely a blueprint of a human life, and it's not a person until it fully emerges, fully developed into a human being, from the mother's womb....'

Actually, the person emerging from the womb at birth is NOT fully developed. The heart has 3 shunts (foramen ovale, ductus venosus, and ductus arteriosis) that, if they persist, will prevent living a healthy life. I think that birth should be considered just one step along the way from conception to death of the new individual, whose DNA is different from that of either parent.


Well said - so long as nature has designed the system so that those first nine months of development occur within, and depend solely upon, the body of an individual woman, that woman, and only that woman, has a right to decide how and whether to proceed with it ... To me it is that simple and is definitive ...


That still doesn't give anybody, regardless of who s/he is, to interfere with a woman's right to end an unwanted pregnancy. There are people who consider aborting a pregnancy very selfish, and a crime against humanity. Well, it's much more selfish, and an even bigger crime against humanity, imho, to bring unwanted children into this world, and into our society. Even the tiniest newborn baby can sense whether or not s/he is wanted.