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Faced With Rising Seas and Other Consequences of Climate Crisis, Low-Lying Delaware Sues 31 Fossil Fuel Companies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/faced-rising-seas-and-other-consequences-climate-crisis-low-lying-delaware-sues-31


I click on the heart icon for every article I read here at a Public Interest media site such as COMMON DREAMS, whether I find fault with the parameters of reporting or whether I approve of what is being reported or not. To me, the heart icon after the link to a CD article is merely a measure of the value of the subject being reported on from a Public Interest perspective. Especially since most U.S. news and public affairs media is corporate-captured or otherwise beholden to Special Interests.

While I have tremendous respect for all staff members at CD, this reporter as well, the parameters of this report on a suit filed by the State of Delaware against certain energy corporations is so limited and absent of vital context regarding the standing of the plaintiff as to be little more than rhetoric disguised as reporting.

The PO Box sized State of Delaware along with its state incorporation laws, corporate charters and finance secrecy laws resembles a feudal entity and\or a Legal Fiction more than it does one of the 50 states in our union.

I hope this reporter and CD staff will consider an online Town Hall type of meeting to discuss why there has been so little in the way of Sunlight Policy legislation regarding this feudal entity or legal fiction State of Delaware, even if it is a bit late in the game with the loyal servant of corporate-prioritizing over Public Interest policy privileging State of Delaware in the private person of long-running Public Office holder in U.S. Senator, dba Status Quo Joe MBNA Biden already having been elevated to national VP (de facto chief of the U.S. Senate is one of the VP’s roles) and now front-runner in our own nearing Presidential elections.

Here is why such a Public Servant from the Private Interest prioritizing state of Delaware should be considered as unfit for national Public Office as either of our Duopoly’s candidates who are vetted for their adherence to the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas weaponized during the late Cold War period by Milton and Rose Director Friedman at the University of Chicago along with the rest of the “Chicago Boys.”



Given these verifiable facts and findings, what legal standing can the State of Delaware expect to have as a plaintiff against any corporate entity?

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Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Hi Lay-LowtudiosOre-Wa;
Realizing that Delaware is a very oily state and a big one for credit cards too. I had to look up their state motto: “Liberty and Independence.” NOW is the time to focus on that, Delaware--------and it’s about time too!

I wonder which side Biden is on?

Must be tough for the ol boy

Who consumed the fossil fuels? Who purchased the cars and who turned on the air conditioner? As PoGo said: “We have met the enemy and they is Us.”!


As a past resident of DE., I agree, but there’s some irony to this story. I find it interesting the state’s AG left off of her list, a company that has a oil refinery in the state, in Delaware City.
Delaware City Refining Company, a subsidiary of PFB Energy, originally opened in 1956 and operated by Getty Oil. I lived in this crappy town in 1969-1970.


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P.S. We have two budgets: Mandatory–Medicare and Medicaid-- and a Discretionary Budget-- all the rest. Half of the latter is military spending. If we–and the Russians and Chinese-- do not cut the latter to what is needed for mutual legitimate defense, you can kiss the planet goodbye!

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One might think that Joe Biden being a Delawarian might be more involved and proactive on this and other critical issues facing our society, but alas, he has said “nothing will fundamentally change” under a Biden administration. He walks a tightrope on anti-fracking legislation, and will veto any Universal NFP Single-Payer legislation - the denial of a politician that values campaign-contribution bribes from corporate giants, the banker/wall street/credit-card sector, fossil-fuel polluters and environmental rapists, and medical slavery/discrimination insurance parasite sector, rather than actually stand for something once in his life.
His history serving banking and credit-card usurers in Delaware (and nationally) apparently more important than is citizens - stay the course, even toward the rocks, his mantra - not an inspiring candidate or position, but typical of the corrupt DNC now dominating the DP…The trump/republicon mental/moral zeros need not be mentioned.

When Joe sez “nothing will fundamentally change” what does that even really mean? Change from trump regime atrocities and denial of Global Heating Crises? Change from the Obama/Biden regime serving banking/wall street and other predatory usurers, and their ignoring numerous critical issues to serve wealth over the Common Good?

The state of our society and sustainable healthy future, dependent on government, is apparently only for those with wealth and power (they think); the fraud of a hyper-capitalist parasite economy and tax structure that gifts the 1% while endangering the 99% to gain that filthy lucre our corrupted politics, and candidate Joe Biden, is so dependent on, and enamored-of.

I guess you really can’t teach an old corrupt man new tricks, as opposed to my sweet rescue old-gal wire-hair Doxy who can.

I kind of agree. Isn’t it more of the responsibility of Delaware to build sea walls, dikes, and diversions.? After all, those high shores are not going to lessen, only get worse.

The sea walls make the risk higher of an unimaginable catastrophe if somebody whose homes are more expensive dynamites them to save the rich neighborhoods. Of course with an entire ocean behind it that makes no sense, I must have been thinking of somewhere else.