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Faced With Soaring Costs of Private Insurance, Poll Shows 58% of Small Business Owners Support Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/faced-soaring-costs-private-insurance-poll-shows-58-small-business-owners-support



Just as politicians say, “I’m not a Scientist,” tell them to “Act,” and they’ll say, “I’m not an Actor.”


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I’m fine with Obamacare, but I also like hearing about rising support for Medicare for All.


Because it gives the conservative SCOTUS a damn good reason to not want to get rid of Obamacare.

How to financially pay for medical care for all while paying down war debt too.
Medium and small business do not pay for employees health insurance. Some offer optional where employee pays all of the premium and has a large co-pay, like $20,000.

Suggest that medicare 80/20 is not the model to follow.
We have three types of hospitals: public, private, not for profit.
We do have county public health departments. These can be expanded in missions to accomplish.
For example, the first group would be all government employees - federal, state, local and teachers - and their families. Second would be disabled veterans followed by combat veterans and then the remaining. Third would be pre-natal. we have over 3,000 administration centers to set up, train, work the bugs out.
As folks move into the new system, their individual tax rate for federal, state and county may be adjusted to cover costs. The rainy day funds must have a limit. Business will pay too because their tax rates adjust same as individuals.

Only 58%? I find it mind boggling that as many as 42% of business owners find anything positive to say about our current health care system, which is surely an albatross around their necks. What business owner in their right mind would not want to enact a system that finally relieved them of the onus of making the health care of their employees their responsibility? What business owner would not like having more money to invest back into their business instead of going towards ridiculously expensive health care? What business owner would not like being free of the stress of the red tape involved and the time wasted in having to deal with it? Such is the stubborn ideological bent of some business owners that they would rather cut off their noses to spite their faces than to give an inch to “government-run health care.”


SCOTUS and those leveling the legal attack on the ACA are not interested in “getting rid of” the legislation in its entirety (similar to the abortion battle against a woman’s right to choose). It’s more about chipping away individual pieces of the act that mandate payouts for care, while ensuring profits continue flowing to the private actors the bill was created by and for.


Obamacare has provided a life jacket to some people but it was/is still just a band-aid, and it only added another layer to the bureaucratic complexities. As long as we keep relying on this ridiculously wasteful, unfair, and convoluted health care system wherein the private insurance companies place profit above people’s health and lives, premiums are going to continue to escalate, people are going to be denied services or denied payment for certain services rendered, and more and more people will continue to lose health care altogether. There is data out now that reveals that for the first time in 10 years, the number of uninsured has increased. That is only going to continue to get worse. Medicare for all is not just the most compassionate thing…it is also the most pragmatic and cost-effective.


This finding helps explain why big business is OK with paying for a portion of their employees’ health care costs and not supporting single payer. Since they have more resources than a small business, burdening them with these costs strains their balance sheet and makes it harder to compete with larger firms when it comes to attracting higher quality employees or lowering prices.

As somethingisrotten wrote, 42% still opposing single payer reveals just how deep ideological purism runs, even at the expense of profits.


Although Murka loves to characterize itself as an enterprenuerial leader, stats confirm that many other nations provide a better enterprenuerial playing field, especially for small businesses.

A major impediment to small business startups and survival in the US is the medical insurance obstacle that would be overcome by M4A.


Pardon my ignorance: What’s FEA?

I think I can explain it. I believe it is entirely due to uncertainty in how M4A will be implemented. What will the payroll tax increase be? Any changes on corporate income tax? It’s really the same problem for individuals (how much exactly will my taxes go up and for me is that less than what I save in premiums and copays? - note: in my case I have a bit of a cushion so I am willing to lose money for a better overall result for everyone but that isn’t a winning political message unfortunately)

With somewhat firm and well explained financing plans I think it is a good strategy to get all businesses, large and small, to take a position. A well publicized strong majority of all businesses being for it will have an effect on individuals on the fence.

Where did you get this information? Sounds like industry disinformaton. - A friend of mine has a small business (<30 employees) and she offers health insurance, where her company pays part of the premium; and, the co-pay is nowhere near $20,000…

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I’m a small employer (including myself, 7 full-time and four seasonal) who, in the 20 years since I took over, has seen insurance costs triple, even as deductibles, copays and co-insurance all rose.

Expanded and Improved Medicare for All is a winner for all but the non-value-adding insurance parasites and the price-gouging pharma cartel.


“Some offer optional where employee pays all of the premium and has a large co-pay, like $20,000.”

Seriously?? When an employee pays 100% of premiums, that is not an “offer” from their employer. That is simply the employee taking it upon himself/herself to get health insurance. And a co-pay of $20,000?? Where are you getting your figures from – your ass? If someone has a co-pay of $20,000, there is no point in even bothering to fill out the insurance forms. Most people who can’t afford high premiums settle for large co-pays and deductibles. That is not really health insurance, though, that is simply asset protection. Hell, a $20,000 co-pay isn’t even asset protection!

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Not a problem Skeptical.


Saw it in a movie a few years ago.

Seems so appropriate these days when talking about groups of humans that are more interested in taking advantage of others, than helping them.

You’re welcome to use it.

An oldie but goodie.

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There is a UNION shop in northwest Indiana making high high quality bearings for aircraft.
$15.00 per hour and their company paid health insurance does have the $20,000 deductable.
Yes, this is labeled catastrophe health insurance. And the plant has about 150 union members.

I have paid ALL the health insurance premium from $680 / month in 1987 to $200 / week in 2007.
The deductible was $5,000 straight thru. Also, health insurance price is by zip code, region, age, preconditions, When you get an email every two weeks changing your health insurance carrier - you should doubt that you even have any at all.

plus medical is 50% waste, per aetna web page - same as our war dept.
we americanos spend 18% of all we work hard for to medical. why not reduce this extravagance to 8% ??

I have not had any employer pay 100% since 1978. The high inflation years ended that benefit.

The employer, with no contribution, offering group rates to employee may, just may, save them money each month. An individual family policy for health care can be way over $1,000 / month if anyone in family does have pre-exist conditions. They may have to quote you and provide coverage if you can pay the freight. Here, in this neighborhood, most folks cannot.

Coincidence? I just went thru this situation this morning with a very good friend who is only 70 years old but is over weight.

American Businesses are handicapped when competing with Foreign Countries since the Cost of Health Care Insurance for their workers must be factored into the Bottom Line Cost of their Product.

Almost All Industrialized Countries have Universal Health Care Coverage not supplied by their Employer.

Why the Hell should our Employer be responsible for our Health Care??

What we need is a Large Group Health Care Policy that Covers All Americans, it is called:



There always that “we can not afford Medicare for all” voice that pops up when this discussed.

Canada has single payer that offers universal health care and the USA does not.

2017 Canada’s deficit as a percent GDP .31 %
2017 USA deficit as a percent of GDP 3.85 percent.

The US Government deficit is 12 times higher on a yearly basis .

Maybe raise taxes.
Maybe cut military spending.

It has been their bargaining chip thus far to keep wages down.
58% want to dump private insurance companies. But even if 99% were on board you would still have to fight the big money interests. The 1% has way too much influence. Capitalist trash.