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Facial Recognition-Fest: UK Police Scan 100,000 Concertgoers


Facial Recognition-Fest: UK Police Scan 100,000 Concertgoers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Just in time for facial recognition technology to lose its few privacy allies in the U.S., police in the U.K. demonstrated just what that kind of mass surveillance of the public might look like in reality.


Facial recognition, and all forms of “biometric ID” that are under development, in roll-out, or already have a toe-hold in the economy, are certainly powerful anti-privacy technologies, that are being deployed by the corporatist state, to serve the ends of the corporations and the state. These technologies, like all the modern networked cybernetic technologies, are ACCELERATING in their development, roll-out and implementation.

It has for forty-plus years been obvious to me (poor soul!) that if humans do not rise up, fight back, and STOP the rapidly accelerating evolution of technology, humans and humanity will be swamped by these technologies.

This story touches on just ONE TINY FACET of the broad sweep and deep penetration of technologies into the world. A couple other tiny facets that sketch some of the scope:

  • Pollinator drones, under research and development, could help address the mass die-off of pollinators that is underway under the industrial economic and military assault on ecosystems and life chemistry;
  • Geoengineering schemes are under consideration and development, to attempt to institute active human management of the Earth’s climate ( ! ) following climate destabilization that is accelerating under industrial economic and military assault on the biosphere and atmosphere;

We could go on! Or, we could consider NOT continuing down this road. This would mean CONSCIOUSLY AND PURPOSELY INTERRUPTING THE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STRUCTURES, POWERS AND PROCESSES that are carrying out the industrial, economic and military assault on all of nature and humanity.

Of course, the whole prospect is far too daunting. Hey, wanna get a beer and watch a season of Downton Abbey? No i know, let’s go to the outdoor festival that’s here this weekend! 100,000 other people will be there!


“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”


We tried to get people to care about themselves, their country, their families for 43 years.

Today? Dealing with the criminally insane USA government-controlled NAZI storm troopers?

Today? All you can do is hide - as no one is coming to help you.

No one.

We finally created Justice Caps - so that every person can be an “Army of One.”

Our technology blinds NSA video surveillance and turns their multi-billion dollars software into junk.


Its great that you can read and write Latin. How sad that I dont know what you said. That said, I too like to throw in a few foreign words if they fit just right.


Roughly, “Who will watch the watchers?” A corollary would be “Who will police the police?”


Sorry, that used to be a common saying, dates back to Roman times.

  • Webwalk beat me to it with the translation for you.
  • But, who indeed?


Sounds like a winner to me!


They want us to pretend along with them that there is no difference between being watched and just being. For me the presence of a camera activates a loop of self-consciousness that takes me out of my normal behaviour. I can’t be myself when I am being watched or recorded, even by my own camera. They want to pretend the cameras are benign. But if they stop us from just living normally they institutionalize the entire population. Every one I see I give the finger.


Back in the 1950s, the Sicilian bandit known as Guiliano once said, " I can look after my enemies, but God protect me from my friends".

Civil liberties are more important than cell phones.


Me too. Including the cameras that have been installed at work. i mean, i’m not actually flipping off my bosses. It’s just the cameras, right? i’m not fired, yet…


Next up: Mass arrests at concert as UK police employ doobie and facial recognition software.


I was able to interpret what it meant based on just what the words “look like” (i.e. “custodies” looks like “custodian” and “quis” look like quienes" (Spanish for “who”) and the fact that I was familiar with the saying “Who watches the watchman.”


If I believe 9/11 is a drone flight ‘inside job’ as I may feel about the assassination of JFK is the same, how soon will I be classified as a criminal as I run counter to the status quo desired by the leadership that may have perpetrated 9/11 or JFK’s assassination?

A Fool…
Donald T. Coughlin
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Debtors can run but they can’t hide.