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Facial Recognition: Ten Reasons You Should Be Worried About the Technology

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/25/facial-recognition-ten-reasons-you-should-be-worried-about-technology

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Why progressives and everybody else seemingly ignore this ultra version of Big Brother mystifies me! This is the reason to fear if you believe in your freedom. This is and will be how they track you, how they analyze your behavior and record what you do and with whom and where you go. What the F else is there that they would need. They already got your phones. Now they will get you.

Look at Trump and how easily he ‘dictates’ and imagine another ‘Trump’ but one that is even worse and remember that emergencies and world wide unrest will be coming down the road as the planet heads towards permanent catastrophe!

This technology really is Big Brother

Most of us don’t ignore this, and a few locals governments have outlawed it, but other than getting violent (I have advocated for a open season on the unmanned surveillance balloons), and without a major uprising in this country, we’re at a loss as to how to fight the system. What’s you’re idea?

My ‘idea’ is to not preach to the converted but to convert those who, as yet, do not believe the implications of these changes that are happening in the country that they grew up (and grew old) in. Yes there are those who do not ‘want to hear it’ but they all know that now things are not like what they used to be. To reach them I remind them about what their children will be facing in days to come. I find that deep down that most people sense the wrongness of the way things are going but either hide behind their lack of knowledge (which enables them to deny what they openly try to avoid knowing about) or they hide behind a false persona of ‘old timey’ anti liberalism that has been painstakingly erected by right wing radio and TV shows.

I am often surprised when in a discussion where I at first appear to be uselessly ‘banging my head against a brick wall’ that someone else will confirm what I have been saying. Whenever this happens (and it is happening far more often than it used to) it really challenges the Fox News type of dismissal that used to happen. Lots more people are starting to understand and are worrying about things (probably because their teen age children and grandchildren have made them aware of things).

Back in the days of the Vietnam War protests, it was only when the country as a whole realized that it wasn’t just the ‘kids’ who were protesting but parents and grandparents and businessmen and religious people etc. As Pres. Johnson said that once we lose middle America’s support for the war then we have lost the battle (politically). It was true. In the early days ‘nobody wanted to talk about the war’ at family gatherings or socially but later even Grandma would assert herself and tell off other seniors who were still oblivious. It was a time!

People change. They will do so in greater numbers if people who do have knowledge about the climate or political abuses etc. start talking about it in mixed company, by that I mean - the already converted, the as yet unconverted and the still overtly hostile (but these days noticeably standing on shakier ground). You can’t convince those people who simply ‘don’t want to know no matter what’ but those people are at the extremes. You can reach those in the middle though because most people prefer the truth.


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I can’t argue with that approach, and maybe I overlook that angle in conversation with people here at CD, I guess because it’s part of my daily life here where I live. The topics we discuss here are topics I have to discuss daily with people around me, and has been since I moved here 47 years ago. I admit the majority of my conversations have been about race relations, because this subject had the most need when I arrived here, though that battle is not over, it is greatly reduced now.
Truth and whether people really want to hear it is a funny thing I’ve discovered, they do (want to hear it) as long as it doesn’t disturb their sensibilities too much, go too far and they shut down, as they are programed to do. But we keep trying, it’s all we can do I suppose until the tipping point is reached.

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