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Facing 17 Ethics Investigations a Subpoena From House Dems, Ryan Zinke Set to Resign by End of the Year


Facing 17 Ethics Investigations a Subpoena From House Dems, Ryan Zinke Set to Resign by End of the Year

Julia Conley, staff writer

After racking up 17 federal investigations into suspected ethics violations and facing likely questioning by a House panel over his conduct in office, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is set to resign from the Trump administration at the end of the year.

President Donald Trump announced Zinke's impending departure in a tweet Saturday morning, saying that a replacement would be announced next week.


Watch Trump double down and install Charles Koch as new Secretary. Cut out the middle management.


Now this miserable POS can join the Ginger Pig in the dock to answer for their crimes against Mother Earth - Gaia - ordinary crimes of greed, and treasonous actions against our republic, as well as crimes against peace itself! In another time they would rightly be hung or guillotined…


Zinke must be incarcerated to feel the effects of the elimination of ethics from a position in government that required it.

Abuse of power run rampant by one so high in a governance position can never again be allowed.


I wasn’t kidding, you know who is appointed next will be worst.
Trump seems to double down alot.


Gee, what a surprise. Zinke is another in the parade of “finest people” that Trumpo the Klown has allowed to ransack our country and usurp its commonwealth, all the while sneering at the law. More Trump Trash will be on the way. This is the worst Federal “government” I have ever seen.


I wonder how Zinke’s SEAL buddies feel about him now, running from a fight ?


My friend said Zinke is a worthless POS. I said no, there’s good in everybody. I bet he’d make fine fertilizer.


Forget the man- study up on what the office is doing. The Indigenous Environmental Network is addressing an entire series of corporate schemes that are designed to FAIL - and that we MUST understand and come to terms with to do what needs to be done.



Donald, we were happy that you sent the crooked Hildebeast packing but what the ---- are you doing with appointments like Zinke. You are supposed to be draining the swamp. IF you begin to name true progressives to cabinet positions , you MAY win a second term. We the people want PEACE not MIC largesse. Get your ass in gear.


While some nations tolerate the overt criminal subversion of government “regulatory” agencies and policy, to serve the fossil-fuel conglomerate as they prevaricate, lie, and delay change to serve profits above all else, some (few) nation states and leaders worthy of the title, actually work to change their economy and power production to green, sustainable means.

The US tolerates the mealy-mouthed delay and lies from corrupt “experts” appointed by the odious trump & co regime to roll-back much of what has gone before to protect at least some habitat, natural resources, pollution, wild animals and protect The Wild.…the now-cornered ginger pig is lashing-out and serving his crony co-conspirators, undoing as much as he can before the new House is sworn-in. His utterly corrupt brand of right-wing usury and exploitation serves only the few at the expense of the planet and people everywhere. One can only hope he pays the ultimate price for his calculated destruction, betrayal of the citizenry and republic, entire planet, and political treason toot-sweet…

"As world leaders struggle to agree on a plan to curb global emissions at the U.N. climate talks in Katowice, Poland, we look at Costa Rica’s plan to go fossil-free beginning next year. It will be the first country in the world to decarbonize its economy. Costa Rica generates more than 90 percent of its electricity using renewable energy".


Every time one of these criminals are fired or ‘resign’ I can’t help but think that it doesn’t matter because the rump will find an equally despicable creature to take their place.


Trump doesn’t have to because the Koch brothers already control anyone Trump appoints as Secretary!


This may be where the founding fathers got it wrong. Slow moving government has it’s place, but not where there is a whole swamp of destroyers acting against the will of the people. This is where we need to be less civil and more proactive since our constitution limits our involvement to voting. We absolutely need the unfettered right of assembly and free speech at times like this. The alternative? Mayhem.


"Ethics , what are Ethics? "

Typical Corporate Politician…


Or, to pu another way , why are going to bury Zinke 18 feet under when he passes on.

"because really really deep down he not a bad person’


The mob Boss will just hire another Hit Man to plunder the beautiful natural wilderness and give our land to private corporations to exploit and destroy for THEIR PROFIT.

These gangsters have already giving away some of our most prized Natural Wonders, like ANWR, The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge our northern Serengeti, leased out to the Fossil Fuel Industry.


From Truthout:


ODIOUS, thy name is Zinke.


Director of the OMB, Chief of Staff to the President, Secretary of the Interior; Mick Mulvaney is going to need bigger business cards.