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Facing $5 Billion Campaign, A Hunger for '21st Century Democracy Agenda'


Facing $5 Billion Campaign, A Hunger for '21st Century Democracy Agenda'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Facing what is predicted to be the most expensive presidential contest in history, leading advocates for election reform in the U.S. are calling on 2016 White House hopefuls to endorse a "21st Century Democracy Agenda," aimed at curbing the influence of money in politics while amplifying the voices of everyday Americans in the democratic process.


If economics is the measure of this nation, realizing that over 50% of the budget goes for an industry devoted to nothing but killing what its system refuses to negotiate about, and that the hefty majority of the people's $ paid in ostensibly for the wellbeing of PEOPLE is going for a protection racket for the interests of private industry usurping land and the stuff of life, then we live in an age calling for an archaic revival of the best roots of humanity. We all know the archaic, it is in the health of our blood, instincts and wisdom. Human beings - the highly touted Homo sapiens sapiens - are COLLABORATIVE creatures - it is what we do best! Living it leads to informed decisions and actions.

The dominance of big money is a dominance of fiat derivative scams. If the people who are calling for the accountability of this engine-out-of-control were to simply step off the treadmill of subjugation to this model - not even entirely but from a perspective of simplification and localization for the integrity of lives being lived and resources - what might happen?

Putting the ALEC representatives out of office could be one good start among many.


What if all the Democrat Candidates agree to this plan--but the Republicans refuse it. Will the Democrats then have strong enough nerves to just relax, watch the Republicans make horrible fools of themselves, and just run the modest little campaigns they ran back in the 1960s and 1970s?


I wonder how many hunger $5 billion would feed? We should rate our politicians by how much they give not how much they take.


This is absolutely false. There is no democracy because no party, no pol, represents the masses of poor -- the jobless poor and many of the unemployable. The poor have been blocked out of the public forum for years, obviously. Republicans represent the interests of the rich, Democrats represent the interests of the middle class, and to my knowledge, no third party so much as acknowledges the poor as human beings/citizens, deserving of the most basic human and civil rights. This fact negates democracy in the US.


Campaign finance reform that is not absolute (zero money from anybody being allowed in any campaign) will have no impact seeing how corporations have armies of attorneys and accountants whose sole purpose is finding and exploiting loopholes in all regulations and laws, including campaign finance regulations and laws.


It's worth noting that this year alone, Democrats agreed to virtually end food stamps for the elderly poor and the disabled, and reportedly plan extreme cuts in disability aid. There is no aid for our jobless poor, of course. Even with the knowledge that not everyone can work (health, etc.) and that there are currently 7 jobs for every 10 people who urgently need one, Americans demand that not a crumb trickle down to our desperately poor.


I remember first learning about the "urgent call" for campaign finance reform when I was still in school -- back in the late 1960s. People are still calling, government is still saying, "No."


America has the policies and politics the middle class demands. The national survey I would love to see: Ask every middle class American if they would rather pay $100 in taxes to protect the rich while maintaining our extreme military expenditures, or one penny for aid for our desperately poor. They will choose the bill for $100 -- "for the principle of it."


Grace is in error to suggest that the Democrats would agree to a plan that the Republicans would not. That implies that there is some difference between the two corporately funded political parties. There is no difference. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are funded by people that have control of the wealth of this nation, and still want more. Our government has been purchased to work to increase corporate profits over all other considerations. This can be seen in the vote to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership Act. This bill, written by the corporations, passed without our 'representatives' or the people of this nation being able to read it. That last week before Congress passed this monstrosity, billions of dollars went into the campaign coffers of our elected officials of both to the two corrupt political parties. They passed the bill with no discussion or amendments allowed to put up a corporately appointed Tribunal that has the power to erase any law or regulation passed at any level of our government that might interfere with the expected profits of the transnational corporations.

Profits rank above all else!! So much for liberty and justice and the pursuit of happiness. Only thing that counts is that corporations are not restricted in any way in their quest for greater profits.


Not so sure about that. Most folk are caring and share what they have with those need. Ask someone affluent or wealthy, they'll pay that Ben Franklin.


History shows and the bible says (for those who follow the bible) that there is nothing new under the sun. Our economic issues and inequalities have existed since this nation was founded. The recent bank bailout was not the first. Disparities between the salaries of men and women still exist. The problem of poverty just won't go away (because it has a role in our society). There just isn't anything new. The only thing we can change is how we respond to these issues. And I have seen time and time again that until people are PERSONALLY affected by the inequities we endure, there will be no indignation, no anger and most importantly, no empathy for those most affected by the "systems" that control the "levers of power." Like addicts, we have to hit the ditch before we begin to crawl out. What will it take?


The expression on Walker's face speaks volumes about his character, or better stated, lack thereof. The dollar he is waving represents the hourly salary he would like all teachers, police, public servants, etc. to accept for their labors. He reflects the sorry state our nation is in if his ilk (and his fellow clown car passengers) is considered a candidate for the presidency of the U.S. and, according to the polls he is third in popularity (thus may have a place on the stage for the FOX Rep debates) behind Trump and JEB. Ugh!


Check out the Green New Deal of Green Party Jill Stein M.D. and you will find a Party concerned about the


Well if nothing else the bitching about our corrupt method of campaign financing has gone up several notches. You won't hear any clarion call for reform from the mainstream (corporate) media because this is the beginning of their harvest season. They get fat on the corruption so their vested interest is the status quo. This is also best for Wall Street and the banks. Most of corporate America benefits as well and while it may not be all that great for their constituents and America in general the Politicians aren't hurting from the way things are especially if they toe the mark and don't create a fuss. As long as the general population isn't pressed too far, too fast we all generally can "get by", or "make do" so we "play along to get along". "It's too bad about that family down the street, they should have saved something fore a rainy day" comes just as easily as sucking your teeth over the latest crisis in Usbeckeybekeystan. Understand, The Supreme Court aren't the bad guys here. They are just a symptom as is this congress that couldn't agree on a breakfast menu.
There are a lot of people who deny Bernie Sanders's credentials, motives, and/or intentions and the hue and cry is just beginning. It is caused, supported and wholly driven by the problem. To recognize that all you have to do is follow the money and it becomes obvious because traitors never come cheap when all they care about is Money. Sanders and the few like him are the hope for America. Support them in every way you can and we have a chance to take our country back. What the hell it is ours isn't it? It is easy to see that the mainstream of both parties is rotten to the core and we must fight against all who support the status quo because friends, the status quo just ain't workin.


Until the demise of the two party system, about all that is going to change are the faces of it. This is no great leap in logic, as history alone convicts it for what it is. The means by which the rich and powerful maintain control over an often, unsuspecting populace. To participate in it's selection processes is to grant legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate system. Example? Just look at H.R.1599, or what many call, The Dark Act that passed the house today. 90% of Americans want their food labeled concerning GMO content, millions called to express their desire, only to have the house go against the wishes of 90% of Americans and pass it anyway, thereby serving their corporate masters. As the TPP, TTIP and TISA move along, I've yet to hear one person express anything but opposition to these, once they hear the details leaked to us, but you can bet your last dollar, that without millions making their voices heard, all will pass and these so-called, trade deals, will without any doubt at all, make every person's life harder here in the U.S. and in the member countries as well. Anytime a government goes against the will of it's people, it can accurately be called, illegitimate and that is what we have today and indeed, since the very beginning. We see such things all the time and many, keep hoping against all hope, that someone or someones from either party is going to rise up and make it all better. Magical thinking like that is what may well cause our own extinction. Tactics for self defense taken from the Ostrich are not going to work anymore my friends.


It is amazing that $0.50 of every dollar paid in personal income taxes goes to pay the DEFENSE insurance policy that insures the protection and safety of the billions and trillions of dollars of assets owned or controlled and profiteered by major corporations and millionaires and billionaires who benefit by paying little or nothing in taxes - in fact or proportionate to their benefit - through 900 bases all over the world and volunteers who include neither them or their sons and daughters.


Good post, bruce! But let's not call it "Defense"! It's actually imperialist
AGGRESSION, or for neutral terms: "military" or "war". DoD used to be
called the War Department. That wasn't flattering enough for the Empire.
Thanx again!


Forget history and the bible. Try using your brain - no insult intended. What history teaches us is that as long as we use yesterday to inform us about what is possible today, today will be little different from yesterday. What a surprise!
When you say there isn't anything new, you have already given up. Make something new! Abandon the fatalism. As Ghandi said, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. If I may rephrase that, end the conviction that change is impossible. It may be what we are 'educated' in to thinking but it is the mind-set of the walking dead.
PS: Real change is basically within... the external world is just effect.


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