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Facing Calls to Resign and a Pile of Lawsuits, Snyder to Address Flint Crisis



This entire episode is an example of what happens when ideology trumps (no pun intended!) common sense. This episode in Flint is reminiscent of the response of the Michael Brown led Federal Emergency Management Administration and the Michael Chertoff led Department of Homeland Security during Hurricane Katrina. Their performance of their duties was dictated by the ideologically correct demands of the confused and mean-spirited Bush Administration.
Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that famously said, "the buck stops here". A similarly appropriate sign for Gov. Rick Snyder and his administration would be,"not my job". This also holds true for the city fathers of Flint over many years who should have been replacing those lead water pipes with ones made of a less toxic material.


He was running Government like a business , a thing advocated by so many on the right and the group of self tiltled libertarians that support such nonsense.

GM decided not to put a 90 cent part into their vehicles because it would be too expensive and this led to hundreds of deaths.

This is how big business works.


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There is no way that Gov. Snyder was not briefed on this matter.


i'll take a twofer: Resign tonight, jail tomorrow.


The Detroit News reported that the governor "will tell residents that he's asking lawmakers for immediate financial assistance to pay for recovery efforts ranging from citywide testing of Flint’s lead-contaminated water system to medical treatment and monitoring of residents with unhealthy lead levels, according to a Snyder adviser familiar with the speech."


So this recidivist "governor," who has proactively worked to destroy democratic government "of by and for the people" in Michigan and as a template for other states, now must acknowledge that there is actually a need for the state to operate on behalf of the people?

To be blunt: The long-term strategic plan of the global deep state, is to go beyond being a semi-hidden "deep state," and to openly institute global corporate rule. Since Reagan and Thatcher, they have been successfully carrying out various operations to discredit and dismantle representative governments, on behalf of capital and corporations.

Whether or not he truly understands his function, "Governor" Rick Snyder has been one of their front-line operatives inside the USA.

EDIT: Commenting is not functional on the KvH article posted here today, but my comment fits even better on her article than on this one.


So much for the failed so called philosophy of corporate libertarianism or all that Ayn Rand glop.


This crime of mis-government should be not just the end of Rick Snyder's political career; it should also mark a swing to the left in Michigan politics, away from the "run it like a business" Randian soundbite.


To save money it's easy in GOV. Snyder state you kill some folks and poison a couple of thousand and look at all the money YOU have saved! HAVE HIS HEAD!!!


some thoughts . . . .

1) Re:
"Tens of thousands of Flint residents were unnecessarily injured and
hundreds of millions of property damage resulted due to the deliberate
indifference of a handful of state, city and county officials,"

Are there no laws applicable to politicians and other public servants regarding depraved indifference in the United States? Or is there effectively no one to apply those laws?

2) Once a year, on Labor Day, ideally on the original May date, the labor movement to run a nation-wide vote of confidence of local, state, and federal government representatives.

I would suggest the following rule: If a majority of voters vote against a representative AND the number of voters voting against that representative exceeds the number of voters that last put him/her into power THEN that representative has lost the trust of the people and must immediately resign and elections be held (on or before the September Labor Day) to replace the representative who has lost the confidence of the people that he/she was to represent.

An annual vote of Confidence such as suggested here, generous as it is to incumbents, is an admission that We, the People sometime make mistakes and we need reasonably accessible means to rectify those mistakes rather than suffering and being abused, ignored and robbed under four year dictatorships.

3) Election of the representatives of the various Departments of Labor directly by the people, rather than by cabinet appointment. These representatives to sit in Cabinet. These representatives to have adequate access to print and digital media to communicate with the people. These representatives subject to the annual vote of confidence.


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or, "hey, stop yer bitchin'. It ain't like it's quality people dying here."--R Snyder


If anyone's seen that poster that was put on line by the government before it was yanked, that would explain exactly the kind of "people" you're dealing with.

This poster basically had a picture of two hugely cute babies--1 white, 1 black, of course--and told the people of Flint that it was cool to use the water for bathing. Even for babies! But, they cautioned, make sure junior doesn't drink the water in the tub! (laugh track). And just for emphasis, they even added a very adult, "Yuck!" at the end of that sentence.

This is the enemy we face. Clueless, callous, savage, deadly. Psychopaths. People of Michigan have a right to self-defense against these butchers. Hopefully they'll exercise it.


In case anyone is interested, the story isn't as black and white as portrayed,


To summarize, Flint was being charged more than they could afford to pay by the Detroit water authority. A decision was made for Flint to build their own pipeline from Lake Huron. Pipeline to be completed in 2016. The contract with the Detroit water authority ended 2015. A decision was made to use the Flint river for the interim period until the pipeline is finished. Was it a bad decision? I guess so. But if you don't go into the details it seems like gov Snyder one day decreed that Flint shall use water out of the Flint river from now on.

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This does NOTHING to mitigate the crime.

What the HELL is "afford to pay". ? Are you suggesting if one can not afford to pay for clean and safe drinking water then the recourse must be to drink sewage? How of a sudden can the same Government "afford to pay" for the DAMAGE they have done and having to call in the National Guard to distribute clean water?


Did you catch this report posted here yesterday, about the plan by the World Economic Forum to replace the cumbersome system of nation states unable to effectively carry out global governance through the UN and other multilateral forums, with a "more efficient" decision making stakeholders group, calling their plan the Global Redesign Initiative?


Are you interested in the fact Michigan state officials knew of unsafe lead levels dating back to 2014?


Snyder isn't going to go away until his counsel advises it. As for how he plans to weather this blistering, reckless and completely avoidable assault against the well being of innocent people, will be interesting to watch. Or, perhaps it wasn't avoidable. When you're ability to reason is overtaken by blind ideology you've become radicalized. This son of a bitch, whom proudly excoriates government as an evil to be tamed; needs to have his life turned into a living hell for the awful consequences he personally injected into the lives of defenseless children.
He is deserving of life in prison.


It's important to note that Snyder's popularity with a good portion of his base rests on whether or not he can defer responsibility to the victims of this mess, the mess created in the Detroit Schools, as well as the land grab and subsequent selling off of prime publicly held Lake Michigan waterfront in Benton Harbor. This nasty and nefarious string of events all came about as a result of his anti-democratic Emergency Manager power grab instituted in almost every large African American population center in the state. The public and media dialogue has already set the stage for this transformation of perception.

The spin has been and will continue to be indirectly and directly that Black and poor people in these parts of the state created the prerequisites for these civic and real environmental disasters.

If one listens intently enough to the dialogue many Republicans are having about Flint it becomes clear that the meaner Snyder can be to the victims of his malfeasant administration through his duplicitously appointed and often African American Emergency managers, the more he will solidify his support among his conservative base.

Those who may indeed live in likewise compromised and economically stressed parts of the state but are in no way under any threat of having an Emergency Manager appointed to supersede their electoral privilege because they are Republicans will support him and his minions at the polls.

Oddly enough, mysteriously enough, the Democrats in the state houses have largely been silent when, if only for electoral advantage they should be screaming bloody murder. To me this indicates some threat presented to them by the powers that be in Lansing if they speak out too loudly... or that this can easily be made into a bi-partisan fiasco. And why not, the EPA, under a Democrat, is as guilty as Snyder in keeping the truth from the citizens.