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Facing Decades in Prison, Climate Activist Says We Have 'No Choice But Direct Action'


Facing Decades in Prison, Climate Activist Says We Have 'No Choice But Direct Action'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid a growing state-level crackdown on civil disobedience, climate activist Ken Ward appeared at the Skagit County Superior Courthouse in Washington state on Monday resolute in the face of a potential 30-year sentence because, he says, Americans now have no option but to take radical action to defend our planet.


Bravo to Ken ward and all the others who put themselves, their bodies, on the line for others - for principle - a galaxy of difference between them and the ginger chimp's ignorance and extremist self-interest!


This might sound a bit silly but why don't more of us just try using less oil and its derivatives. Why drive such a large gas guzzler; why not gain some health benefits from walking or commuting by bicycle when possible. Less fossil fuel consumption eventually results in less production. No fuss, no protests. New pipelines are thus simply not necessary.


The development of other energy sources requires gov't support. The decisions of consumers in the marketplace isn't enough. You've got to put the horse in front of the cart. Consumer market decisions is the cart. Development of other energy sources is the horse that gets us there.


You are right, garry. Many of the people driving large SUV's and large pickups, especially in cities and the
suburbs, do not really need something that large for commuting, shopping, etc. We as a nation need to
disabuse ourselves of the notion that we have some kind of divine right to have anything we want, no
matter how much harm it does environmentally or socially. Also, we need to rapidly get away from the
mid-20th Century car-centric model of planning and development, and build better public transit systems,
as well as an emphasis on walkability, and bicycle friendly systems, like The Netherlands and Denmark,
for example. It would be healthier, more environmentally-friendly, and save people money.


But, they are profitable to the Oilagarchy and pleasing to der fuehrer. In the Fourth Reich, that is sufficient.
Heil Trump!

CORPORATIONS ARE DEATH :skull_crossbones:
We should let them die for a change.


Where are the teenagers from Washinton and Oregon who have sued the Federal and state governments for neglecting climate change and their future?

Stand up kids, this is your future. Not mine I hope I don't have to worry about water and wind and all the terrible things happening in the rest of the US and world. We've been spared here in Oregon and Washington for many years watching the destruction going on in midwest and south and east.

Please keep up your pressure children of the future, it is yours to have.


Well here in rainy Oregon we do just that. I have to watch out for these bicycles all the time while I am driving my Prius,


They didn't jail the Bundys. So, why should they jail this guy? He didn't even shoot at anyone but the bundys did.


And one other changeable source of severe energy abuse is reflected in this quote from the book, "The Rammed House Book" by David Easton, Architect/Engineer.

"Today, in some countries, it's taken for granted that year round temperature inside a house will be between 65 and 75 degrees, day or night. Long ago, and today in many countries in the world, it is not presumed that mechanical systems can or should be used to counteract seasonal weather patterns."

Both passive solar and passive cooling can provide the majority of heating/cooling needs for a well designed home. 98% of all homes in the USA are poorly designed from that perspective. One well designed home, the Taos Pueblo in Taos NM.

Hate to be judgemental, but many of my white middle class 'brethren' and sisters would look at this and call it a "slum", unaware it is the oldest continuously inhabited structure in the USA (over 1000 years). And designed so well for it's environment that it was made from the very mud and trees (vigas for flat roofs).

Nothing new under the sun. Native people had this figured out eons ago, and we are nothing but spoiled brats spoiling our planet, or to put in more common terms, we "have shit in our own bed--and continue to do so."



Monkeywrenchers "are warriors," who "remember that they are engaged in the most moral of actions: protecting life, defending Earth."

Dave Foreman. One of the Earth First founders.