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Facing Fires and Floods, Colorado Communities Launch Landmark Suit Against Fossil Fuel Companies


Facing Fires and Floods, Colorado Communities Launch Landmark Suit Against Fossil Fuel Companies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Taking a cue from coastal communities that are aiming to hold the fossil fuel industry legally accountable for significantly contributing to the climate crisis, three Colorado municipalities are suing ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy "for the substantial role they played and continue to play in causing, contributing to, and exacerbating climate change."


These companies should be paying for and installing solar energy for free across the country with the management and benefits returned to the towns, cities and states. I think that is a “fair return” on their “investment(s)” in fossil fuels. Fair is fair, right?


Right On Colorado.


Here is an interesting approach to fighting climate change. It may not be an answer but it is worth a look.


It is past the middle of April, and here in Omaha it is snowing – as I type this! I have an entire family of [5] raccoons that come here every night for the food I put out; I have a family of crows that let me know when they are here for breakfast; and my ‘brood’ of squirrels has grown to include at least 3 different species – wolf, red and black – that show up every day for the peanuts/bushy tail/walnuts that they love. All of these creatures prove that what the oil terrorists are doing is tantamount to murder – it is so past time for the guillotines, and could we please start with the oil/coal/gas companies, and then move quickly on to the Wall St terrorists; followed by our elected terrorists b/c they are all benefitting financially from the very things that are killing Gaia and Her creatures!


Not that I am condoning the repercussions of these entities, but didn’t/don’t we all use these commodities? It’s a “catch22” situation.


I think the issue is that they sold products while hiding the effect of global warming. However, I don;t think it is that simple. Until about 20 years ago scientists thought that negative feedback mechanisms might halt global warming sort of the the way thermostat prevents a heating system from making a room too hot. And also, since the 1980s it has been common public knowledge that the burning fossil fuels can cause global warming. Also, it is hard to link global warming to any particular weather event. Wildfires and floods can occur without global warming. So it seems to me this is a difficult case to make to win a lawsuit. It would be somewhat easier to make the case for problems caused by sea level rise because that is clearly related to global warming.


That article is fabulous! Thanks for sharing it.

Too bad the Kocks are so selfish. With their money and their holdings, look what they could be contributing!

I sent this article on to one of my kids who’s in environmental sustainability.