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Facing Government Crackdown, Greenpeace India 'Refuses to be Intimidated'



And the U S holds India up as a shining example of a functioning democracy that holds "free" elections (in what realm, certainly not the earthly one). American industries have replaced the British colonialism with their own brand of usurpation of natural resources (water is on the top of that list) and the enslavement of the people in unsafe, unsanitary buildings while paying abysmally low wages (NO benefits, LONG hours/days). US corps corrupt local governments/officials in areas where they have operations. So it is no shock that Greenpeace is being targeted for their attempts to oversee environmental degradation among many other destructive activities carried out by the corporations. Must not upset the money cart.


Thanks for your fact-filled analysis and the thoughtful alternatives presented to the current state of affairs. Good to know the detractors of Greenpeace have such a well thought out presentation.


So the land of Mahatma Ghandi cannot cope with non-violent criticism How ironic.


On what do you base your acrimonious opinion? Surely not on any facts or truth.