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Facing Growing Backlash CIA Veteran Stephanie Smith Steps Down As Chair of Kent State 50th May 4 Commemoration Advisory Committee

Facing Growing Backlash CIA Veteran Stephanie Smith Steps Down As Chair of Kent State 50th May 4 Commemoration Advisory Committee

Russell Mokhiber

Facing a growing backlash from the Kent State May 4 community, Stephanie Smith, a 25-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, is stepping down as the chair of the Kent State 50th May 4 Commemoration Advisory Committee.

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The complete failures of the Law Enforcement and Military responses to the protests generated from Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia in the spring of 1970, would have been reason enough to never assign anyone even remotely related, to any post commemorating the horrors of their misdeeds.


Hell this story didn’t bring out the worst offence by Kent State over this situation IMO. They placed her in charge of the journalism dept, Operation Paperclip anyone?

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She is not in charge of the Journalism Department.

Stephanie Danes Smith no longer works for the CIA. She is one of the most active advocates of truth and Justice for the Kent State Massacre in Kent. Her detractors are a small group of complainers who have claimed the mantle of ownership of everything May 4 and are attempting to replace the voices of the vast majority of participants in the May 4 Movement. This small group are squarely against the wishes of the families of the wounded and murdered students (less Laurel Krause), those who teach about May 4 in the University, the May 4 Visitor Center, the May 4th Task Force who has organized commemorations since 1975 and the hundreds of us who have helped organize the commemorations over many decades.
Professor Smith has done more in the past three years to advance the truth about Kent State then any of her detractors in the same time period, and instead have to waged a petty social media campaign against her and the the vast, vast majority of the May 4 movement, who have been struggling for years for Truth and Justice while Ms. Krause has tossed her wrath at everyone in the movement who has not toed her conspiratorial line,
Here are some testimonials given to Ms Smith by her students (those who will carry on the banner of Truth and Justice when those of us in the May 4, 1970 movement pass)

[ Madi Baughman

For the past 3 years I can clearly remember all the times you have invited your students to attend events commemorating May 4th and how much of an advocate you have been. Your dedication and passion shines through everything you do and I am so sorry some people don’t see this.

[ Olivia Eastly ]I am so angry that anyone questioned your dedication to May 4. This is unbelievably wrong. You’ve inspired countless students to become activists in your name. Anyone who has questioned your character, actions or past clearly doesn’t know you. You consistently educate your students on May 4 and encourage them to share that information with others. Many students would not know about “Fire in the Heartland” without you. I would like to see what any of the people who are happy about your resignation have done for May 4.

[ Amanda MH ] Sadly, as so often happens, staunchly held opinions about an organization or concept eclipse any rational thought. People cannot accept the idea that a devoted, compassionate public servant who loves this country—also loves Kent State and is passionate in her efforts to not let the the story, people, and lessons of May 4th be forgotten—might be more than the boogeyman they have made every employee of that organization out to be.

[ Alexsandra Nilges ] Who do we need to petition? Not a single one of my professors took the time to talk about May 4th with us aside from you. I am one who would have never attended a fire in the heartland showing without you, and we know it is now one of my favorite movies. You would’ve done an incredible job, and I know in true character you will still be in attendance and support.

[ Kylie Boyer ] You are the ONLY professor in my time at Kent State who talked about May 4th and got students to be involved. This is dumb. I’m so sorry.

[ Madison MacArthur ] This is beyond upsetting because I’ve never had a professor as passionate about May 4 within my classes as you. I know how much this meant and I am so sorry that you had to step down. I’ve never had a professor that pushes for her students to care the way you do. You deserved this more than anyone.

Ok, the story we got about a month ago, talked of a female professor who was over the journalism dept. and was attached to the CIA. So was that story a lie, or is there another female professor, who is over the dept. and attached to the agency?

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I am grateful to Ms. Krause for ousting this CIA retiree and keeping her from massaging the radical message of Kent State May 4, 1970. We must not allow history to be rewritten to the liking of perpetrators!
This was a life changing event for me and I watch films and listen to the music every May 4th and remind others of the message!


Keep massaging it, but we still don’t believe you. CIA means lies and dirty secrets.


If anyone is rewriting the history of May 4, 1970 it is Laurel Krause. She has done nothing but oppose all the efforts that thousands of people have struggled for over the past 49 years to achieve truth and justice. She actually thinks that the CIA, the Ohio National Guard and the Nixon Library has taken over the 50th Commemoration planing. That is tin foil hat conspiracy theory crap. I have been in Kent for every commemoration and have personally participated in planning over 25 of them. Ms Krause has done nothing in Kent but create problems for those who have dedicated their best efforts to achieve truth and justice for the murders, including her sister.
Stephanie Danes Smith, regardless her former employment has done more to advance the cause of truth and justice in Kent in 3 years than her detractors have done during that same period of time including Laurel. Laurel has created more division in the May 4 movement than anyone.

Without a response to my above question, you’re credibility is fading fast.

The small insignificant, unthreatening group mike speaks of is called outside agitators and you can find us on Facebook and join the growing numbers of folks there for peaceful discussion. Mike was an admin on the May 4 page and made it his mission to destroy credibility of others, block ANYONE with a differing view and silence anyone not thinking just like him. I’ve known mike a LONG time. I have a small amount of respect left for him in hopes he’ll let people back in that have some great ideas. We banded together as outcasts from that group to get a job done and we did it, even though we’re just a tiny group of no ones. His trumpspeak says more on his character than I ever could. They’re not going to make you a history professor or pay you just because you’ve been around a while, Mike. And insulting, disincluding, censoring and banning those that have made may 4 a priority over the years does nothing for you, your cause or your general well being. Hope you don’t hit your head when you come off that high horse and none of the people that loved you are there for the 51 commemoration.

just two cents worth from one Vietnam Veteran – neither Ms. Smith nor anyone associated with the CIA should ever have been considered as chair of the Commemoration Advisory Committee


Thanks for a little more back story on this issue Gabe. Sounds like a giant mess, that’s a shame, considering the issue itself.

Welcome to CD.

Always has, always will.

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May 4, 1970: the day that the “Silent Majority” discovered something about America that
the Black Minority had known for generations.

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Micheal is a little dictator with a very narrow mind. A true control freak who could use some real therapy!

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