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Facing Insider Trading Charges, Trump's First Congressional Backer Suspends Re-Election Campaign


Facing Insider Trading Charges, Trump's First Congressional Backer Suspends Re-Election Campaign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

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Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.)—the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump's bid for president—announced on Saturday that he is suspending his re-election campaign after he was arrested on Wednesday and charged for his alleged role in an insider trading scheme.


How much?


How much was bail for wheeler dealer money guys?
Oh, he’s a Congressman. None?


Collins is toast. So glad to see him charged. Hope it comes with a substantial financial penalty for him, his son and son’s f-i-l. Hope Wilbur ‘Droopy’ Ross is next. Swampy Price should also have to face charges for his shady practices while in congress.


Why does the SCOTUS stand by Citizens United?

Is there anyone here who actually thinks that the tsunami of corruption is unrelated to Supreme Court passage of Citizen’s United?

Is one of the strongest statements about the state of the union the one that is remaining in silence?


In part, because it’s a very popular decision for the mega-corporations that largely control Congress through their largesse.

Again, this goes right back to how campaigns are financed. It does not have to require hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars to run for office.


Selective outrage. The whole financial system is rigged. All the fatcats are guilty of insider dealings.

And it’s small potatoes, when you have big-time vultures like Bill Browder not just running around scot-free, but helping to dictate policy.

This is just politics as usual.


Paul Manafort was sent to jail. However, the news as I heard it was he’s in a “V.I.P. section,” and the announcer said it without the least tone of irony.


…that benefits scoundrels such as himself. Why anyone swallows this crap is beyond me.


Burn, Corrupt Collins, Burn!


Thanks for bringing up Bill Browder. He belongs in the Hague for crimes against humanity.


None of these guys are worried. As long as they keep trump’s name out of it, they will get a quick pardon if convicted of anything.


Another “witch” outed.


Collins, his son and his fiancee’s father were indicted. I hope all three serve time.

That said, these sort of machinations and subterfuge are just another way that the well-connected elite rig the financial-investment, and also the money and banking system. (May the Lord bless shell companies, offshore banking, and tax havens.)

It is so duplicitous that the federal government actively goes after the ordinary citizens, but most of the elite routinely engage in financial scams with seemingly utter impunity. For example, consider the Panama Papers.

Moreover, the U.S. government might be the only country which requires its expatriates to pay income tax on work performed overseas. Whereas its multi-national corporations utilize accounting gimmicks to hide taxable income offshore, until its convenient to repatriate such assets. (Nice!) Also, the IRS and the Department of State now actively revoke or deny passports for citizens who are in tax arrears of at least $50k.


What Ethic Watchdogs? Are they Poodles or Shitzu’s? A year of doing nothing? Typical of our failure of a Judicial System.


Just like Martha Stewart.