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Facing Opposition From Progressives, Gina Raimondo Withdraws From Consideration as Biden's HHS Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/facing-opposition-progressives-gina-raimondo-withdraws-consideration-bidens-hhs

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shows you that our telephone calls, letters, emails. letters to editors do make a difference. keep pushing back and let’s get a decent cabinet that gives a damn about the real people in this nation.!


Mitch would love this one Joe … considering you just merged
wall street, the fed and treasury department with the pending
Yellen appointment, another establishment insider is just what
we need to right the course.

This shows that at least with the Democrats you can sometimes get some influence. Any Trump appointment wouldn’t give a flying fustercluck; and would consider progressive or liberal opposition as an endorsement.

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Great work.
I hear Joe Biden just nominated instead the famous Dr. Jekyll to oversee the COVID response.
I also hear that the good doctor even works nights in his passion…

Would that they would, but the trough is full of new money.

I’m sure she is a smart, capable person otherwise. And that resume’ has become notable with republicans in general.
How many otherwise intelligent republicans do we know that are bat shit crazy where Donald Trump is concerned.
Just being smart doesn’t cut it. That seems to be the situation with many of Biden’s appointments.