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Facing Reality, Speaking Out, and Building Trust after St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas



My tax dollars are paying for top security for a clown who is inciting a race war. Someone please call Kafka911 for me!


Barack Obama used the terms "viscous, calculated, and despicable" to describe the acts of a black man murdering policemen. i can't help but wonder if one the biggest reasons this incident happened in Dallas was that at no time during his presidency has he used the words "viscious, calculated, and despicable" to describe the actions of police after they murdered unarmed black men
Black Americans know all too well that there continues to be two Americas. One white, one black. Separate and unequal. Despite having a black man in the White House, that American axiom is still as prescient today as it was in 1964, or even 1864.
Of course, we all hoped for better. We hoped that maybe, just maybe, now that there was a minority in the Oval Office, that the status quo might change. That somehow, the American power structure that has always been dominated by white Europeans, would somehow shift in order to reflect the now racially and culturally diverse American landscape. But what has happened is troubling and, well "despicable". The mostly white American institutions have gone into full panic mode. Between Bill Clinton's crime bill, three strikes and you're out, mandatory sentencing, predatory banking, the movement towards voter ID laws meant to disenfranchise minorities, and the growing anti-immigrant movement, Whites in America are circling the wagons. The actions of racist legislators and militarized police forces have made it abundantly clear. Whites consider minorities the enemy, an enemy that must be confronted and irradicated. There will be no "power sharing", no attempt at equality. Power for whites in America is an all or nothing proposition.
The only conclusion I can draw as to why whites are so fearful of minorities coming to power is this, they are shit-their-pants scared that if minorities do come to power, that they will treat whites with the same "viscious, calculated, and despicable" policies that they have been forced to endure for the first two and half centuries of American history.
Unfortunately, this thing is going to get worse before it gets better. If it gets better at all.


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Money and power matter and that murders all.


I also was struck by the different use of words in Obama's comments to the shootings. Very telling! And I have not seen any reaction in the press ... Thanks for posting!


Rationalizing organized police violence and brutality and defending mechanisms that create zero accountability is a recipe for more of the same, not justice or change. "Rules" of questioning, high-bar prosecution legalities, complicit prosecutors, Blue Wall of silence, no mandatory drug testing for police or annual psych exams - the "playing-field" is completely slanted toward impunity and protection for police for actions that are crimes for everyone else!

Only a fraction of police killings or brutality are visible thanks to citizen videos but even then nothing changes - the Laquan MacDonald execution, evidence disappeared and an official cover-up, the execution of James Boyd for 'camping without a license", the murder of Walter Scott shot in the back 8 times, 12 year old Tamir Rice shot within seconds with a toy gun - nothing changed - more police killings, and more excuses - "how could this happen"......obviously some lives are worth more than others......


Spot on.


Where are OhBummer and Shillary from? A city run by their " brother-in-arms " ( and policy ) buddy, Ol' Rahm Emanuel. A city where secret police detained people illegally at an unknown facility and interrogated them for an unknown length of time. Without even a chance of being counseled by a corrupt Constitutional scholar with a law degree from Haaarrrrvvvaaarrrddd!!!! Yeah, that's the ticket for advancing equal justice and community pollcing policy. The definition ( supposedly ) of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, looking for a different result. The Establishment is counting on our collective insanity to keep them in power. We're only helping them by continuing to do so.


From the article:

"Most cops are good people."

On NPR, the speaker stated: " 98% of cops are good cops."

Just about every article or statement about policing contains these or a variation on these words. How can these statements be true? If it were true, then cops would be turning in their fellow cops for the racist and homophobic actions and statements of their fellow cops. Police wouldn't be covering up for the criminal behavior of others on the force, yet that is what we see after almost every incident of a black man being killed by police. If "98% of cops are good cops," there would be police "whistleblowers" on a weekly basis revealing the ugly underpinnings of police practices and training. It is very rare for a law enforcement officer to go up against the "blue wall." If an officer does goes up against the blue wall that wall could come crashing down on him or her.

It seems that authoritarian personality types are attracted to policing. Combine that with weapons trainings that emphasizes the overriding need to protect their own perceived personal safety, and behavioral training in "command and control" techniques, is it any wonder policing in America is so sick? Remember modern day policing descends from slave patrols.

The vast majority of cops should be put on a pension, and we should start over with a whole different philosophy of solving short and long term criminality. In fact what actually constitutes a crime should be discussed. Drug use? Not being able to pay your fine on something that is or should be an infraction? Currently in some states like Missouri, the system is designed to entrap mostly black people in the jail system making it impossible for those people to get and retain jobs as they spend time incacerated over an inability to pay a fine or having to make multiple court appearances.

We will continue to have murders of people, especially people of color, by cops until it is recognized that it is policing itself that is sick and has to be completely changed. We will continue to see more murders of people of color until America itself recognizes our own racist past and our own racist present day culture.


The title of the article has the phrase phrase "Building Trust". Building trust is a theme in the article. No. The police need to earn the trust of their local communities. Communities themselves are subject to police violence and frequent depredations by the police. It is law enforcement that needs to change. It is government, local, state, and federal that needs to change.

Communities need to have control over the police, not the other way around. Then we can talk about "trust."


No, Cookies, White people will be one of many ethnic groups who constitute less than 50% of the population. Only if all non-White folk banded together would we be "the minority."

And your penis envy remark is racist.


And Fresno.

Not a separate issue.

The same dynamic of powerful and powerless, oppressor and oppressed.

I don't think dividing the oppressed based on who has it worse (percentage-wise, not lives-wise) does any of THEM any good.


Apparently you didn't read the views expressed by the author in a careful manner because everything you just said divides and incites. Most people of all color and creeds that I know get along. It's the politicians with a mouthpiece or such that incite. And then people who can't think for themselves fall in step behind them. We cannot let ANY stupid acts by stupid people drive how we treat each other. And it makes absolutely no sense to point a finger at President Obama. Would anybody be blaming W? I don't think so.****


"Don’t be silent and let such statements stand. Instead, figure out what responsibility you have to reduce violence, racial disparities, and distrust."

The oligarchy wants us to believe that economic disparity is racial disparity. That way they can keep fleecing us while we fight among ourselves.


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