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Facing Right-Wing Future, Local-Level Resistance to Trump Agenda Swells


Facing Right-Wing Future, Local-Level Resistance to Trump Agenda Swells

Nika Knight, staff writer

Around the country, people who woke up on November 9 shocked and galvanized by the election results are forming new local organizations and networks to resist president-elect Donald Trump's right-wing agenda.


Essential activities and forceful ways to get involved in the anti-elitist, pro social democracy movement. But let's not forget a most powerful tactic with direct and immediate impact against the elitists: the economic boycott. Nothing hurts the elites more than a disconnect at the spigot. Cut off the source of their elitism, their income, and watch how quickly the gutless bastards come begging for relief. Websites identify consumer products produced by the fascist pricks--Google, for example,
Koch Industries consumer products then don't buy their Brawney paper towels and other items on that list. We don't realize the power we have to effect progressive change. Getting the word out is the goal. Once started a boycott takes on a life of its own, with devastating effects.


Excellent! What is needed, and has been needed for decades, is more local involvement in politics.

By "politics" I mean the original meaning of "politics" - "how do we govern ourselves" - not "partisan politics" - Ds vs Rs vs Gs vs Ls etc.

Hopefully these local groups will look for local solutions to local problems, not engage in the mudslinging that has become the hallmark of modern "politics" - the partisan variety.

We need local food production, whether rural or urban, to break the stranglehold of the global food corporations. We need local energy solutions, to end reliance on both the large corporations and the fossil fuels they use. We need local healthcare solutions, educational solutions, housing solutions.

Local solutions become global solutions when they catch on and other locales employ them. Local solutions insulate communities from the prospect of collapse of the global supply system. They provide local employment and the very sense of community the corporations intentionally destroy to sell their products and make us dependent upon them.


People are saying: Traitor Trump.



This is perhaps the only good thing about Trump. He motivates people to get involved and doing it locally is by far the best way. We need to build as the system collapses.
I'm very happy to see this. Groups joining together and making a stand for what is right politically and economically are inspiring and we need it now.


This follows the Democratic party line to perfection. Right down to how Wikileaks got the emails and about the hack. Same old Democrat spin half or more is spin and the other is fake. There are parts, such as Russians contacts with Trump that may be true. But over all it's the party spin.


My thought exactly. As long as people think change is going to come from the top nothing changes. We've got to build the new economy from the bottom up.


Yes, let's all do this on Friday the 13th!


Yes, that is the way absolutely.


He already said that he would be in for eight years without being re elected. He's installing himself just like Hitler.


" We don't realize the power we have to make change.


Yes, that statement should scare the hell out of progressives. And what Trump knows with a Republican Congress and a Fascist cabinet he will never be impeached no matter how egregious; how corrupt; how xenophobic; how misogynist; how mendacious his next 4/8 years become.


And this means dropping the opposition stance and adopting a local problem solving stance. That's the part that bothers me most these days - all the energy devoted to fighting against as opposed to energy invested in creative local problem solving. Progressives need to work to build the world we want instead of locking horns with others. The real challenge is finding solutions that work for all.


Gee I'm shaking in my shoes. This is " kid" stuff compared to the sixties.


Totally agree, now if we can get the cry babies and egoists out of the way.


Eight years??? Guess you're ready to lie down. Also please remember there are over 300 M of us out there, and only in the hundreds of them. Trump is an old demented man who is in his seventies- he is not immortal.


Many people are apathetic like oh well, cry cry sniff sniff. It's not about the Russians- it's about the oligarchy right here. Work locally, and hang tight with issues that are important not just working against something.


Instead of just commenting, work locally with people on issues that are important like workers rights and unions. Too many people are cry babies who just care about " What about me?" Didn't people fight in world wars, live through two depressions, climate change, rugged conditions and oh my no computors!

Proud child of a WW2 veteran and an early union member and organizer, and member of a current union family

How about times when unions were just forming, there was no FDIC, no unemployment, no voters rights for women and minorities/et al?


And will you just sit back and comment on a computor or will you get involved at least locally? Rich people can be rich, but when they act sociopathic that is another story.

My late father a WW2 vet would be ashamed of what is happening today as well as the apathy


Lie down? Never!