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Facing South, Bernie Sanders Ramps Up Outreach in SC and Beyond



How is it that the one candidate who has the BEST civil rights record end up not connecting with black voters? Is this a trick question?

Did those two rude girl target the easy and safe candidate who wouldn't have them kicked out or arrested just so that they could get some stage time in front of the cameras? Did they sacrifice everybody for their opportunistic bullying 15 minutes of fame?

Why no mention of what they did to a long time civil rights supporter, a man who marched on Washington when MLK called (and who wasn't a politician then but just a progressive WHITE person. Yeah they exist. The fact that Bernie is white should not have made him a target simply because of his 'old white guy' status.

Why no mention of what these two women did for their own benefit and at the expense of a civil rights supporter? Why no mention of how they had a private sit down with Hillary but no reporters and offered only an edited version of parts of the meeting that they took themselves. No reporters, no cameras, no witnesses, no TV coverage... Why are they not mentioned?

Look what they did and yes it was racist. Bernie trails Hillary in civil rights huh? Progressives should try to repair the damage done by these two hypocrites before we end up with the oligarchy.


So Bernie is going to South Carolina to talk to the people and ask for their support. The republicans are going there to talk to a few rich people to ask for more money. That about says it all.


It's not that he doesn't connect with them..... they haven't had any exposure to him. Main stream media doesn't ever mention his name . Right now it's as if Hillary is running unopposed. Once they get to meet him and hear his campaign message; once they are exposed to his civil rights support over his entire lifetime, they will embrace him . A simple spark takes some time before it becomes a raging fire. There was a point where few in Iowa ever heard of Bernie Sanders. Look at the numbers there now.


A narrative was created out of whole cloth that Bernie is race insensitive, it boggles the mind. The false notion that a man's or woman's past work for the cause of human rights doesn't count, became part of a new accepted story line, what a joke. This is what scares me about American politics. Where were the high and mighty at Counterpunch, where was the sainted Chris Hedges? Silence is their response, an injustice, to one not of their herd, merits silence from these high priests of the established left. I said at the time of NetRoots that what happened there did serious damage to Bernie's chances, I still think so. Sadly, Hillary is way ahead in the Black community in my favorite American city Chicago. I feel like a fool for having opined on these pages that Chicago would show em, the Blacks in Chicago will support Bernie, oh how wrong I was.This narrative will haunt Bernie the rest of the way. Sad, very sad.


Bernie Supporter Explains What Sanders Needs to Do to Earn Black Vote:
“He has worked for black people but he hasn’t actually gone to black people."


I live in SC; the Clinton machine is discouraging the usual methods of communicating among the African American community, i.e. the churches not announcing rallies when they almost certainly would do so for Clinton.


The people of Chicago support Bernie. The Rahm Emanuel machine does not. It is a microcosm of the national stage, when people get the association, and when they see more of Sanders background, they feel the Bern.... not that you could tell from the mainstream local media, but you can tell on the streets. And we have a majority young, mobile demographic that doesn't event look at M$M. Our events keep getting bigger and bigger, and I have yet to be invited to a Clinton event. As always, the northside responds first, but the southside is responding as well.


Curious, to what purpose/effect? Seems like a bad tactic....


I have a slightly different take on it. Recognition of the depth of silencing in Ferguson was barely struggling through the mainstream media spin. The young women ended up raising the nature of that silencing precisely through responding to Sanders with a message that said they were not going to back down and that he would be forced to deal with the underlying dynamics of overwhelming force they and the world had seen. Bernie Sanders has been a long distance runner type of guy. Disgruntled at the time, he took a lemon of a situation and ... in proverbial inversion of adversity ... made lemonade and continues to share the methodology.


Very nice article, and the "young activist is not criticizing Sanders as much as sharing what he feels will give him an edge in campaigning for the black vote" which is awesome seeing people participate and run for office. I do hope (and believe he will) Sanders visits more previous-campaign-neglected areas, as he moves out of predominantly white Iowa and New Hampshire. He keeps surprising me as being ever more and more an impressive campaigner.


I know, right? Not a new story, either. Maybe it's not fair of me to tie Hillary to Bill too much - oh hell yeah it is: One of the headlines at the Guardian today is: Hillary Clinton campaign deploys not-so-secret weapon: Bill. Anyway, it used to drive me nuts that Bill had such high approval ratings with African Americans, even when they had about half a dozen of his knives in their backs. America!

That said, it seems to me that those admittedly ill-mannered young women presented Bernie with a learning opportunity, and to his great credit he did his learning and now is acting appropriately. The outreach that he is pursuing should result in polling improvements, if the AlterNet piece (Thanks DARKAGEAMERICA.) is correct. Maybe I'm having a "glass almost full" kind of a day, but I see Bernie having encountered a problem and responded to it in a positive and productive manner. Where politics is concerned these days, that's a rare treat.


and I love the disparity on articles I'm reading, especially with links to other articles. Some say the event was "half full" others say "1000 people" (total college enrollment 2500); some say 'unenthusiastic onlookers' or 'bored', some say 'highly energetic, with several standing ovations of nearly all the crowd'. Thank goodness there is video. I also love the articles (especially from NYT) that reference that media bias is not true, event thought they usually link to either hit-pieces or web-only articles. The substance of the articles rarely live up to the hype of their headlines.


And, is this a problem?


The party machine simply seems lined up behind Clinton. I can only speculate, but in 08 there was bad feeling between the Clinton and Obama camps, and my sense is that they want to give Hillary the "turn" she feels she was denied in 08. They also always liked Bill Clinton, so those bad feelings left a bad taste. I've been to 2 of the Bernie rallies in SC and they are scarily predominantly white. At a county democratic party meeting one man (himself African American) complained that he'd spoken with blacks who had not known about the local event until after it happened. Lots of things contribute to that, in all fairness. I do think the Clinton loyalists are deliberately not spreading the word; but the event was publicized in the local newspaper; however that local paper has often been "a bit" racist, publishing some of the worst antiObama cartoons. The dynamic is complicated, and overall, a bit depressing.


So you are saying it was okay to trash someone who has fought for civil rights just for the publicity? Hey thanks from everybody then. You say they wouldn't back down? From what? From Bernie? Give me a break. They did back down from doing the same thing to Hillary though didn't they? And from the repubs, in fact the let the repubs slide completely and that is what in your mind? Have you seen their supposed urgency anywhere else except that one cheap shot at Bernie? Their meeting with Hillary showed their true colors. They took an easy shot at Bernie and then played oh so nice with Hillary (and did nothing with the repubs). You say forced to deal with? Are you also pretending Bernie didn't have a strong civil rights record? You think Bernie wouldn't deal with it? You liar. Look at Bernie and what he has stood for. Disgruntled? What are you talking about? They sabotaged one of our own for their own purposes and one seriously has to question their motives in light of their 'respectful' meeting in private with Hillary. Even you try to trash Bernie and let Hillary slide. Were they working for Hillary? Willing to maybe?

Even people from BLM wrote that these two women claimed to be part of BLM but anyone can and BLM apologized for the shabby way the BLM movement ended up being seen. These two women did more than just sabotage Bernie... people aren't fools and everyone saw that they were taking advantage of a easy opportunity. They were dishonorable and crude but made a point having their hair done for the cameras though. They weren't heroes doing that to a civil rights supporter. Had they done something like that to a republican that would have been more heroic but then they would have gotten arrested. Bernie was easy and safe and cost them nothing ... it didn't even take courage. Bernie is always open to people, they could have even just asked him to speak on the issue and he would have. That;'s Bernie... a civil rights supporter as a person ...not just as a politician.


The only politician tarnished by these spectacles is Bernie Sanders. The image of that woman refusing to shake Bernie's hand in Seattle has got to rank right up there with Sammy Davis Junior hugging Richard Nixon. I'm reading the comments here with dismay, I wouldn't be so concerned if the nation's welfare wasn't at stake. Maybe Hillary will invite the two from Seattle to the inauguration.


Going to S. Carolina is a necessity for Sen. Sanders. Winning the primaries in The Old Confederacy is not, however. Sen. Sanders is doing his part in this party building exercise called The 50 State Strategy, employed by the DNC to try to hold some House seats. And, while those Feeling The Bern are spending huge sums of scarce dollars and energy in these " lost cause " states the same DNC is sticking a knife in the backs of all who would challenge The Queen of Shillary; Dear Old Hillary. The lack of debates is a double cross by the DWS/DLC crew and will negate this effort by Sen. Sanders and his followers since the MSM will continue to court The Queen and there will be no more debates to counter " the inevitability meme. " It's not for nothing that the Clintonistas and Debbie's Death Squad have refused, up until now, to have more exposure for those who wish to depose The Queen of Shillary; Good Old Goldwater Girl Hillary. The most direct way to combat this is simply to not send money to any of the many groups who ask for it. ( I won't send even Sen. Warren or Move to Amend a penny until this " cheesy hustle " is rectified. ) Just funnel any and all campaign monies through Sen. Sander's campaign website. Maybe this will actually get the BLM and BCC to notice their youth unemployment problems are being solved by not :wink: funding the more traditional quasi-governmental approved funnels of power and privilege. It would make them get out their dictionaries as well as their Bible and songbooks, too. And, look up the difference between democratic socialists and socialism versus neo-liberal and neo-con plutocracies and kleptocracies, etc. :sunglasses: That, in the long run, may make this effort by Sen. Sanders and his followers worth all the time and money. It's certainly a calculated risk forced upon party activists for Bernie within the DNC & Powers That Be. I'm not holding my breath it will work or changing my name to " Blue Boy ", though. More is to be revealed and soon with this very machiavellian primary charade. Just sayin'.


You hypocrite! You say he has been much better on issues to African Americans as if he was a republican or Hillary? You haven't even bothered to look at Bernie's record. That is pretty obvious.

So where is the action with Hillary or the repubs? Don't they need to be better on the issues? So only the civil rights supporter needs to be better? Is that a joke?

You have never once looked at Bernie's civil rights record. You are a phony and make a mockery of civil rights.


Yes, Michael Harrington, one of America's great socialists, said the best way to accomplish socialist ends is through the Democratic Party,he said the Socialist Parties of his era showed no signs of increasing membership, the same situation exists today. Harrington, a great American thinker, was pilloried by others on the left, his treatment was horrendous. HIs book "The Other America" told of the plight of poverty, often hidden, in America, its influence led to the War on Poverty. President Kennedy was influenced by this important book. He meant taking control of the Democratic Party.