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Facing the Causes of the Problems with Immigration


Facing the Causes of the Problems with Immigration

Peter Marcuse

The ultimate causes of the emigration producing immigration crises in the United States and elsewhere? Those would be the gross inequalities among and within nations in resources and power. The only real solution to the crisis? That would be to move to equalization and sharing among nations, through agreements and institutions at the international level — the opposite of the direction Donald Trump is moving U.S. policy.


As long as the economic systems of the world allow externalities, such as poverty, pollution, corruption, etc. to exist there will be gross inequalities driving undesirable consequences, emigration being a significant example. Until the decision-making apparatuses (economic systems) of the world account properly for all life on earth, suffering will continue to increase. As the indigenous peoples’ saying concludes, at the end of the day we must realize that we cannot eat money.


Being an environmentalist for the last 50 years it has been very distressing have cleaning up lakes, rivers, air, polluted sites across this great nations in 60’s and 70’s to see all the work being destroyed and going back to our old ways of destruction. Raping and pillaging the environment here and abroad.

For the last 30 years wondering how we went from a creditors nation to a debtors nations. We do not produce the goods we need. Back to the environment, if we produce what we needed locally, regionally, nationally, think of the energy we could save and jobs we would create. Well that is out of the box now and trying to do is creating havoc with trade policies. Yes, our needs(wants?) for Chinese shit (used to be Japanese shit in 50’s/60’s) cannot be put back in the box? It is not all that simple BUT we are waging war more not less around the world all for resources as populations explodes and wants/desires go up, up and up. It is a war for resources, people be damned but who is buying all this cheap shit. Basics: energy for heating/cooling our homes is getting more expensive, feeding ourselves more expensive, health outcomes worse, communities being left to waste, states are broke. BUT there are out of 6 billion people, 10,000 people that have more wealth that they could spend in 10 lifetimes. The figures are not accurate but it is representatives of the disparity. Complex and I am jumping all around as there are so many other causes of the suffering people of the world.


“Without Immigrants Trump Would Have No Wives.”