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Fact-Check This: Arrogance Of Elites Helps Drive The Trump Phenomenon


Fact-Check This: Arrogance Of Elites Helps Drive The Trump Phenomenon

Dave Johnson

For some time now most of the people in this country have been under economic pressure. Pay is not going up very much or at all, while living costs keep rising. One recent statistic stands out – 63 percent of Americans would have difficulty raising $500 to cover an emergency, like a sudden need for car repair so they can get to work. Around them the community’s roads and schools and services are in decline.


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During the cold war many of Trump’s supporters were brainwashed to fear socialism. Sanders being a “social democrat” elicits visions of commie takeovers among Trump supporters, so yes, for many Murkins Trump is, sad to say, “the only hope”.

Kessler failed to mention how Mexican farmers run out of business by NAFTA flooded the US job market during the past two decades, giving Trump fuel for his wall on the border campaign.


You’re on the right track here, Mr. Johnson in that language frames constantly take what’s good for the 1% and pretend that the net result is also a plus for all Americans.

“This is simply an astonishing statement. In 2015, the U.S. had a goods trade deficit of $758.9 billion. We have closed so many factories here and moved the jobs there that we paid out $758.9 billion more for imports than we received from exports. That did not happen because “Americans want to buy these products from overseas”; that happened because the owners of the factories wanted to dodge American wages and environmental protection costs, and move production to places where workers are made to live in barracks, forced to stand for 10 hours, and get paid squat.”

So while you caught the inverted reality that puts the onus on Americans supposedly wanting these products rather than elites working their puppet strings to enact treaties that allow THEM to capitalize on far cheaper labor pools; you missed the boat by adopting THIS equally erroneous frame:

“We have closed so many factories here and moved the jobs there that we paid out $758.9 billion more for imports than we received from exports.”

It wasn’t WE, the People who closed those factories or chose that route, either! The same 1% that tells us they left because “we” wanted cheap Chinese products were the ones who made the decisions that shuttered the U.S. factories.


Martin Luther King spoke of a Divine mechanism by which the Universe arcs towards justice. Throughout the East, an understanding of the law of karma proves pervasive.

Maybe it’s a combination of justice arcing to accord with the law of karma that all over the world OIL prices are so low that the energy sector is hurting. And at the same time, the call for raw materials is down because the New Austerity spread by U.S. and Anglo-European banks (and their Wall St. partners in crime) has granted far less consumer purchasing power to low-paid citizens.

Maybe this decline in overall spending is one way that Mother Nature can begin to heal?

To argue the following is to remain stuck in an office cubicle divorced from the actual state of nature. Whether the academic world’s “separation of the disciplines” leading to minds possessed of very narrow areas of specialty knowledge is the cause, or otherwise, too few people who study sociological trends, psychological factors, or economics seem to NOTICE that the natural world is already expressing significant signs of overload.

No! Things cannot return to the way they were; and the economies based on using and discarding so much STUFF are a collective Jim Jones’ style suicide note!

NO… to this limited frame:

“Imagine what would happen to the U.S. economy – and to the economic lives of all those Trump supporters – if U.S. manufacturers received $758.9 billion of orders right now. And then another $758.9 billion in orders next year.”

Imagine what would happen if the MIC didn’t get $700 billion a year to squander on ways to kill, pillage, prey upon, and plunder!


On today’s CD roster, 2 articles seem to be covertly applauding Trump!


"American manufacturing has becomes incredibly productive, so fewer workers are needed to make the same number of goods.” BUT, they were not rewarded for this productivity; instead the profits all went to the capitalist owners. They, in turn, avoided tax as much as possible, leaving the taxpaying to the less rich.


There is another explanation that, like this article, emphasizes the disconnect between the elites and the voters - the rise of Authoritarianism. See this article in Vox.com: The Rise of American Authoritarianism.


That has been corrected to mention Sanders, back at the original. The idea when I wrote this was that before this year, government wasn’t helping people but I din’t express that well.


The plundering class (euphemistically called elites) can also lose longer term. To the extent that the $758.9 B is going into foreign hands it can be used against America in competition for primary goods, and can be used to take over America’s capital assets - we’re trading consumables for capital assets, becoming weaker and weaker. More and more of the US becomes owned by foreigners, as we sink deeper and deeper into debt.

Once (when Reagan entered the Presidency) the US was the largest creditor nation in the world.Even before he left office he had with fraudulent arguments converted it into the largest debtor nation in history. The regressive trend continues.


MLK notwithstanding, the Universe does not do anything in a conscious way. It is up to the people to struggle for justice. The law of karma does not exist, however widespread the belief in it might be. As evidence, I point to all well known criminals in high places who will never see the inside of jails in their lifetime. Is it the law of karma that caused the lead poisoning of the water supply in Flint, MI? Are you going to tell the victims of rapes that they got raped because of their bad karma in a previous life?

Belief in nonsense is no help in a struggle for justice.



Astonishing indeed to read a David Brooks quote so straightforwardly true:

“… many in the media, especially me, did not understand how [economically and socially dispossessed Trump voters] would express their alienation. We expected Trump to fizzle because we were not socially intermingled with his supporters and did not listen carefully enough. For me, it’s a lesson that I have to change the way I do my job if I’m going to report accurately on this country.”

i don’t expect Brooks to be able to change the way he does his job, or listens. But still amazing to read.


Saint Ronnie ran up more debt than all of his 39 predecessors COMBINED yet today he is loved by Dim and GOP fans more than ever.


Yes, anybody who has been inside the beltway as long as Brooks has would go into shock if they actually ventured out to where the rubber meets the road and the fur will be flying between now and November.


And then there is THIS:

How will this Country EVER get back on it’s feet when these blood sucking vampires just walk and go on their merry way???

“Once the Oligarchy is above the law, the Republic is already dead. Once the people have lost the ability to influence the central state’s policies and decisions, the Republic is dead. Once the elected officials can no longer impose the nation’s statues on the Oligarchy (or have lost interest in doing so because they are all corrupted cronies), the Republic is dead. Once the nation’s agencies of law enforcement are stayed from indicting, prosecuting and jailing members of the Oligarchy, be they super-wealthy politicos like Hillary or super-wealthy Wall Street bankers, the Republic is dead”.



DaveJ’s revealng essay should be printed on leaflets and dropped all over the country. I can’t think of another way to inform the general pubic.


So how did 26 dollars a day translate into 75 dollars a week? Unless the Mexican auto workers work only around 3 days a week?


Fantastic video, man. Thanks. That guy is really sharp. Who is he?


I believe you are asking about Martin Smith, who is a producer, writer, director and correspondent … broadcast documentaries for CBS News, ABC News and PBS Frontline-
I spoke with him A few years ago over the phone about my case, and yes, he is very sharp-