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Fact Check: Trump Is Dead Wrong on Medicare-for-All


Fact Check: Trump Is Dead Wrong on Medicare-for-All

Robert Weissman

Note: Today, USA Today published an op-ed by President Donald Trump that included several falsehoods about single-payer health care.


Dear Donald Trump:
If you make health care more expensive, then fewer people will have it, and when fewer people have it, there will be fewer jobs for doctors , nurses and support people-------so essentially when you make health care only for the rich-----------the whole nation suffers.
Besides, with CLIMATE CHANGE, I am reading of fleas with typhus in CA, and West Nile Virus in the Midwest–and it was only 100 years ago that millions died in the pandemic of 1918. Remember too, virus and diseases don’t care about a person’s job description or job title. The Plague could just as easily get you as anybody else. SO—when you have national health care that ALL ------ which people can afford—you are more protected than being surrounded by a bunch of war ships. WHY? Because disease can come in polluted food, water and air, and we have lots of that. So Protect the environment and guarantee health care for all---------and maybe no evil plague will get you! : )


Trump and the GOP have been working overtime for decades to turn the US into a third world nation, a downward spiral for the 99% that continues to accelerate.

One thing third world nations have in common is lots of illness and disease, so more illness and disease are part of the plan to turn the US into a third world nation.


The more rapacious the capitalism, the more vicious the attacks on socialized human services.