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Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Low-Octane Energy Policy



The Drumpf is too stupid to know what "oct" means.


Should Trump get elected, this insane policy should drive people into the streets and in 2018, elect a revolutionary Congress.


If Trump really believes that climate change is a phony concern why did he apply for permission to build a sea wall to protect several holes of his golf course in Ireland from sea level rise from global warming? Clearly he knows climate change is real and a threat. His phony concern remark is one more lie. He is just another politician putting his own person ambitions ahead of the fate of the planet. People need to understand that this man would sacrifice a livable planet for thousands of years just so he could take the office of oath for president of the United States. And that is only one reason of why his is so dangerous.


Trump is rich enough not to need to know facts. He hires people to know facts for him. He barges about the china shop and never worries about what he breaks because he can afford to pay for it.

Trump never worries about climate change, none of it can affect him in the few years he has left at his age. Climate change is the future and Trump is only interested in what affects Trump right now!

The problem is actually that Trump is rich enough where he feels facts don't necessarily affect him. He can afford to make his own facts.

But what is this thing about the Chinese creating a hoax about Global Warming?

Here is a fact >>> why hasn't the media made him explain this absurd statement?


Because maybe it would be like expecting a discourse on metaphysics from a cartoon character?


Thank you, Ms. Schwartz Greco, for having the patience and long-suffering to sort through the chaotic, contradictory, nightmare "emissions" of such a . . . O, I can´t think of the word, who somehow seems to have captured the absence of imagination of so many.

Trump leans heavily for guidance on these issues on the two men who introduced him at the keynote . . . In fact, he leans on them so heavily that the relationship may constitute plagiarism.

I like that. It´s kind of funny! And I´m thinking that if DT were a cartoon about himself, he´d probably be suing himself for plagiarism.


Trump can generate all the energy we need if he continues to turn bad publicity into energy the way he has during the primary.


It seemed to me she was discussing DT´s non-policy in relation to what any rational human being might expect from a presidential candidate. That´s no so absurd. She stated her topic, DT´s keynote speech at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, and stayed on topic. Sounds like you were disappointed she didn´t write what you wanted her to write about. And should plenty of name-calling have been thrown in? Name-calling , , , reminds me of somebody . . . O, gee! reminds me of me! Feels good in the moment, but rather diminishes our persuasiveness.


Maybe Clinton said it best when she said Trump is not a "normal candidate." It should be plainly obvious that scaring people about Trump is different than scaring people about candidates such as Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. Unlike those other candidates he has no experience in government. They all released their tax records, Trump hasn't. His lack of knowledge about foreign policy is something we haven't seen before. His advocating violence at his rallies is something no Republican or Democratic candidate has done before in recent decades. His calls for banning all members of one religion from the US is unique for a presidential candidate. He is the only presidential candidate who claims President Obama may not have been born in the United States. He is the first presidential candidate to insult the looks of his opponents. He is the only presidential candidate who has called for the spread of nuclear weapons. The type of fear he evokes as a presidential candidate has not been seen since Barry Goldwater ran in 1964. Yes people are going to keep saying Trump is bad until the election and they should.