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Fact-Checking Family Separation


Fact-Checking Family Separation

Amrit Cheng
With nearly 2,000 immigrant children separated from their parents in just six weeks alone, there is an unprecedented human rights disaster unfolding at our border.


I bring up these other two Anglo countries, not to excuse the issue in the US, but to say, hey, this is a really big problem and it needs to be blown wide open.

Fact-checking: Australia.
“Indigenous Kids Are Being Still Removed from Their Families, More than Ever Before”, Larissa Behrendt, The Guardian.
Hey, these kids didn’t immigrate!!! They are not incarcerated or being impoverished or killed. They are merely having their culture destroyed and their rights to their land removed.

Fact-checking: Canada.
“The Ratio of Indigenous Children in Canada Welfare System Is a Humanitarian Crisis.,” Ashifa Kassam. The Guardian.
By welfare system, she means not with parents.
While 7% of children are indigenous in Canada, they account for nearly half of the children in foster care. Hey! These kids didn’t immigrate.
In the past, Canada did experiments on the kids in foster care.


In a lengthy interview yesterday on MnPR, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told the interviewer repeatedly that border guards were NOT separating any children from their families. The interviewer was aghast. She repeated the Government’s own numbers, to which the border guard cheerfully repeated that no children were being separated from their families. On and on… Who ya gonna believe, him or your lyin eyes?



I would not be surprised if we found out Trump was selling the female children and babies which they have been taking from immigrant parents.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if they are having those immigrant parents sign release forms so they are free to sell the children legally.

I hope that I am wrong.


Really, there’s no need to make it worse than it is.



This is the kind of crap speculation that the devout Czarists anti-Semites were spreading with the publication of the Protocoles of the Elders of Zion. Their claim was that Jews were sacrificing gentile children for use in their Passover services. In the 1920’s and 30’s in the US no less than Henry Ford and his Dearborn Independent propaganda rag (distributed through Ford dealerships) spread this nonsense far and wide internationally including to Germany.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI6Y5vNxCag (fast forward to 15:15)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI6Y5vNxCag (fast forward to 33 minutes) .

Get educated!


One thing has become glaringly obvious to me in this current Trumpian immigration fiasco:

We need a THREE-STRIKE LAW! Under my proposed law, a President (or an imitation-President, like we currently settle for) would be forgiven for telling as many as TWO lies to the American people. With the telling of that provable THIRD LIE he would be led to the guillotine set up permanently on the south White House lawn, and dispensed with. Never again would the American people have to wade through endless lies spewing out of the mouth of some wanna-be dictator. This is OUR country. It’s been OUR countrymen who died to create and defend it. A President is only “Hired Help”. A LYING President is but a chancre upon the lip of liberty, defiling all that we, as a country, stand for. Git Em GONE!


Henry Ford was actually very pro-Hitler in the 1930’s. The book “Who Financed Hitler” by James and Suzanne Pool is an interesting read on the topic.


Are you telling me that you believe the famous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 was all about adoption?

Do you really believe those Trump “facts?”


You might be right, there’s rumors they are sold to Russia to be used as human incubators for genetically enhanced babies for the Russian special forces and body guards for the oligarchs. Apparently Trump was promised a batch of them to replace the Secret Service agents that he has right now.


I really doubt that. Source? Let’s not devolve into the kind of baseless speculation the right often uses. Just the facts ma’am/man.


The fact is those that have the presidents ear are shooting for genocide. I have seen vids of these declarations by Bannon that has since been srubbed from You Tube.


I think PonyBoy was trying to have some fun with us. I just expanded on this theories.


Here’s another fact check…

No abuse, no gang threats, picked up the youngest child to get more compassion, paid $6000 and off to El Norte. Somebody better stop these reporters because the whole narrative is gonna unravel.


He said/she said. What’s incontrovertible is that the mom is being frisked by a big guy in a uniform, and the little girl is terrified. Nothing is proven or disproven by a single case.


Yes, but it does sow the seeds of doubt.

Prolly most of these people are in the same boat. They heard if you have kid, you get processed and then let go to return at a future date. 40% of them never do. I guess the new policy did throw a wrench in some people’s plans.


The title of this discussion is “Fact-Checking,” not “prolly” or “seeds of doubt.” Your seeds grow poisonous weeds.


Well there was fact right there in that article.

Family separation and detention aside, here some facts that one notices when reading between the lines.

In 6 weeks about 2300 children were separated from some some kind of adult. Means about 4600 illegal entries in just 6 weeks. That does not count the single adults that were apprehended or tye ones that got away. Seattle apparently has 12,000 homeless. Here, in 6 weeks we just got at least 6000 more. These people have no homes, no jobs nowhere to go. what are they gonna do if they just get set free? Who pays for their shelter, food, etc

Also, apparently most of us can’t get $400 in an emergency without borrowing. Some of these guys paid $3000 a head to get smuggled into the US. Where did that money come from, or even worse, what are they gonna do here in order to pay back whoever loaned it them.

Not sure if anyone is looking that far ahead tho.


Nope. That’s the topic. Stick to it or shut up. You do not get to throw your suppositions at an article written by officers of the court, whose professions depend on their truthfulness.


Uh, i think the article was written by two British journalists. I didn’t really check their bios but i really doubt they are “officers of the court”.

Also, thank you for proving my point on the short shortsightedness of most Americans.

Anywhoo, what;s plan after all these people get released under promise to show up for a hearing. You don’t seem to be too worried about what’s gonna happen to them after. Out of sight out of mind i guess.