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Fact-Checking Fox News on the Poor and Hungry


Fact-Checking Fox News on the Poor and Hungry

Joel Berg

Once again, FOX News has completely mischaracterized the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), claiming that the President is “buying votes” by keeping millions of Americans on the SNAP rolls despite the “full economic recovery.” That statement is demonstrably false and racially tinged.

Here’s why it’s false:


The author should be reminded that the abolition of Glass-Stegal was accomplished with the consent, cooperation, and collusion of Mr. Goodbar himself, William Jefferson Clinton. As was the “austerity” driven major attack on welfare assistance. Worse still, the architects of disaster of Clinton’s regime were re-born with Obama’s election. The point is, the greed driven “liberal economics” that is the state sanctioned religion is non-partisan, it hates all the 99% alike. Expecting FOX to behave other than it does completely misunderstands the purpose of its corporate charter.

That said, of course Mr. Berg is right to call out FOX. I was waiting for a critical analysis of the duplicitous statement of “a full economic recovery.”


In a functional Democracy, the press and media must be held By the People, otherwise special interests use their financial assets to keep PR teams on hand to draw up sound bytes, storylines, and assorted false narratives useful for things like:

  1. Starting wars on the basis of evidence that was FIXED
  2. Demonizing necessary enemies du jour
  3. Absolving the bankster-conmen for a financial collapse than went global… by putting poor Black homeowners on the hook
  4. Camouflaging Conservative fiscal policies by using Calvinist–Blame The Victim–canards
  5. Sexing up the role of uniformed soldiers by reinforcing simplistic good guy-bad guy versions of events… to ensure ongoing wars.
  6. Lying about a national fiscal recovery

etc. ad nauseum.

When so many once respected news outlets all repeat the same chorus lines, only brave nonconformists dare to oppose their fictions. Sadly, most citizens feel a need to conform and probably half can’t see past the propaganda. The other half can, but recognizes that the tools of Democracy–the press, media, academe, the courts, Congress–are for the most part, all Occupied by the 1% and its agents/puppets.


It might be helpful to stop referring to Fox News AS news.