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Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Trump Does Indeed Plan To Destroy Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/10/fact-checking-fact-checkers-trump-does-indeed-plan-destroy-social-security


One thing will happen almost immediately after the GOP and their “pathetic pussy-grabbing presidential imposter” ends Social Security in the event of massive brain fart from the American Electorate on November 3rd.

There will be a surge in weapons sold to seniors.

And if you were a House or Senate enabler of that legislation, you’d better pay for a lot of extra security.


the behavior of our msm has been fucked up for a very long time. example, look at the WP prime reporter who just held back info he got from the orange man so he could earn more bucks on his new book and is equally responsible for the murders of americans from covid imho.

this attack by another of their reporters who should learn how to fact check appropriately before he opens his mouth next time is so perverted it’s a sick as the orange man’s ongoing lies lies and more lies.

meanwhile my state of California is on fire from top to bottom, have you heard one word out of any of the suits in DC? or anybody in the press mention the view of climate change on full display now on the west coast and god knows where else? Enjoy yourselves everyone, the end is being show to us. we in california cannot leave our homes without a mask good enuf to keep back the most harmful particles that will kill us. notice how many of our legislators are upset and speaking out about it???



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Wishing you RAIN and plenty of it. Read California is in the middle of a historic 20 year drought! Coupled with record high temps and you’ve got a disaster. It’s not just California: Oregon is especially f-cked! This is one time living in a WET Northeast climate doesn’t seem so bad.



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Yes, my sister and I and a few others, have discussed that soon, there will be mass migration away from certain areas of the U.S. to other areas… So, the Northeast is where some will go… maybe also the mountain states… but, they are pretty harsh… and if you ask me, I now think they will be prone to big wildfires… it could get real crowded here in the Northeast.


They’ve been emptying our treasuries for going on 4 years.

They have no ethics, morals, scruples, shame.

After being made to pay it all back, they must be incarcerated, given a taste of what greed brings to those who deserve to be punished.

Punished severely.


Considering how presidents and congress have been raiding the SS trust fund for a long time now to the tune of some $7 trillion to pay for all the MIC crap and their tax cuts it’s hard to imagine them paying SS benefits out of the general revenue fund. It’s also hard to believe when trump’s first (and hopefully last) term is over he will have presided over an increase in the national debt that works out to be about a $2 trillion increase per year (as far as I can tell).

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Can’t trust a Washington Post fact checker? I feel like I should put my community-college Science, Technology, and Society students on it to do a better job. I’d have a poli sci and history group of students join in.

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That can’t happen; the money has all been spent. And on much more than on the MIC or “tax breaks for the rich.”

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The article is no doubt true, and the Republicans must be removed from power. But Biden has also said for years he wants to get rid of Social Security, so he and the corporate Democrats must also be removed from power.

In the end, Social Security and everything else will not matter because neither half of the Republican-Democratic corporate duopoly party will ever do what it takes to prevent catastrophic climate change, so all of them need to be removed from office immediately or never allowed in. It’s unlikely this will happen with anything less than a massive nationwide or global peaceful revolution.

People really need to learn Modern Monetary Theory. Taxes don’t fund spending. There is no SS trust fund, there never has been and never will be. All tax monies are destroyed upon receipt. The Treasury issues new money to pay for its’ obligations. The Federal government can not go bankrupt, SS can not go bankrupt. The Federal government is not like a household, it is the exact opposite. It is the monopolistic issuer of currency, a household is a currency user. The public deficit is the private sector surplus. Asking how are we going to pay for it is ridiculous. The question is what should we pay for. Why do you think there is not a special tax for military spending?

Yes it can. A truth that is quite evident with small countries. As an example of a larger nation/government going bankrupt, see the USSR, 1991.

So was Zimbabwe and its central bank. Zimbabwe’s government is still around, but the Zimbabwe Dollar is no more. Not even a trillion Zimbabwe dollars will buy you a cup of coffee in the national capital Harare today.