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Factory Farm Manure Energy Is a Very Shitty Idea, New Paper Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/factory-farm-manure-energy-very-shitty-idea-new-paper-says



You’re correct. The most effective personal thing you can do to fight back against the animal imprisonment, torture, and slaughter industries is to not eat any products derived from animals.
I went vegan several years ago and it improved my health, exercise performance, digestion, mental clarity, and bank account.
Humans torture and kill 57 BILLION animals per year to feed the faces of those who eat flesh, fish, eggs, dairy.
It’s among the worst moral crimes humans commit, even worse than genocide, because the animals truly are innocent and helpless.

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Cooking poop to be able to make more poop is a ridiculous idea. It’s as ridiculous as using uranium to boil water to make electricity. Neither practice is cheap, nor as safe as advocates say it is.

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Beans, beans, beans…
Some spicing adventures with white beans: orange/apricot duck sauce; Chesapeake Bay seasoning;

We can only be as free as our engagement is with local and fair trade organic food producers - and in the case of cities, an ongoing engagement that reflects the importance of food in human life. Buying coops might be a possibility

The CAFO inversions might only be relegated to the dustbin of history by beginning to methodically coordinate a boycotting of what they produce, demand that representatives work for equity for small-scale farmers; demand that reps cease accepting campaign and other donations from agribusiness interests, and other similar moves.

Today, the Organic Consumers Association asks:
**Are Factory Farmers Winning the Antibiotics War?**

"(…)Unfortunately, the tide isn’t turning back. In the U.S., that’s largely because lobbyists for some of the world’s biggest agribusiness corporations have successfully thwarted efforts by Congress to restrict the rampant and reckless use of antibiotics on factory farms.(…) "

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Factory farms are an abomination. Just search PETA website for proof.

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