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Factory's Ties to Ivanka 'Probably' Led to My Arrest, Says Labor Investigator


Factory's Ties to Ivanka 'Probably' Led to My Arrest, Says Labor Investigator

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what journalist Naomi Klein characterized as "serious emolument news," a labor rights advocate says he believes he was detained by the Chinese government because a factory he was investigating for labor abuses produces shoes for Ivanka Trump's brand.


Until 6 months ago, the only “emoluments” that I ever heard of were the various goops that Ivanka no doubt slathers all over her naked body to make her skin smooth and feminine…


The cruel and abusive labor practices by the factories producing the Ivanka brand high-priced JUNK/TRASH are horrific and the Black Adder herself condones them as long as the money pours in from sales of that basura to the high-rolling Chinese customers, no less. No self-respecting, discerning customer outside this market would be seen “caught dead” wearing that brand of merchandise, which belongs at flea markets or local resale junk stores. Soon to appear at the local WalMart in your area…


Any other time in history the pitch forks and hanging rope would come out and we would call this what it is “treason”. Now it is opposition research and common practice. Winning fair and square. What?


That’s correct. The crap that she is making is just that-so I would suppose her market is people who dont’t know any better. Just take the criminal stuff away and look at what the Trump clan “produces.” They would not know nice if it sat on their face. When they showed the inside of his digs in New York all I could think was "that must be the most vulgar penthouse in the city,: Bad vibes, don’t go near any of his stuff. Macy’s meets Satan…


Labor rights in China, and he was arrested because of Trumps daughter? Right! It couldn’t be because of the Chinese communist govt. Nope. Had to be Trump’s daughter. This is why no one trusts the Left.


So why aren’t Ivanka’s overpriced shoes being manufactured in the US?!
What else of hers isn’t being manufactured in the US?


You didn’t read the article very well now did you?


The whole Trump family is rotten to the core.


I trust the left because people like you trust the right wing schemers and scam artists… Trump supporters are ignotards.