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Facts Don’t Interfere With Propaganda Blitz Against Venezuela’s Elected President


Facts Don’t Interfere With Propaganda Blitz Against Venezuela’s Elected President

Joe Emersberger

The Miami Herald (2/8/19) reported, “Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro continues to reject international aid—going so far as to blockade a road that might have been used for its delivery.“

The “Venezuelan leader” reporter Jim Wyss referred to is Venezuela’s elected president. In contrast, Wyss referred to Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s “interim president.”


Maduro is wise to be cautious of the warmongering MIC and their devious methods.


I’m always curious about what the American public does hear.

Was there any coverage of Maduro’s open letter to the American people?

Did the US news outlets carry the BBC interview with Maduro?


I hope Vz has a strong air force and navy. I want to see a good dust up for once. We have been taking on the weakest of forces around the world for decades.
This would be a good time to see some bombing and strafing of one of our border states. Does Vz have submarines to bother us with?
People in this country don’t give a rats ass about killing anyone, anywhere, any time. Time for us to get the same medicine.


I love the open letter comment at the end of Maduro’s letter to Americans. With all of the crap that goes on in this country, America, it is this country that should be under a coup.


Contrast the news on Venezuela published by the Mainstream Press with the reality of US Ally Colombia.

The media and some disinfromation specialists appearing here try to link the Government of Venezuela with drug running into the USA. Everyone knows that the center of the drug running trade in Latin America is Colombia and last year they exported a record amount of cocaine abroad.

The US Media claims Maduro killing his own people in acts of violence when the fact is the opposition have killed more people then the Government and the Government of Colombia has killed some 14000 people in Colombia just last year. Colombia also killed some 6000 Civilians, dressed them up as guerillas and then used this death count to get more aid from the USA. Their paramilitary groups run death squads that kill Socialists, priests , labor union leaders and any advocating for the poor.

What it REALLY about is this just as it was in Haiti with Aristide. The left in Venezuela wants to use natural resources revenues to help the poor . The USA and the right wing thugs they support want these resources to be the property of US based Corporations. This in fact leading to genocide being committed against Indingenet groups so as to ensure there no other claims on those resources.

Watch this video. It details how the CIA helped smuggle mass murderers out of Colombia and how companies like Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte were paying paramilitary groups to murder peoples opposed to their presence.


I personally would not wish that on anyone, except those in our government who plan, execute, and deny any knowledge of it.