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‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Aims Straight for Trumpism’s Dark, Neoliberal Heart


‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Aims Straight for Trumpism’s Dark, Neoliberal Heart

Ben Norton

At a time when the neoliberal Resistance™ has embraced the CIA and FBI as heroic organizations supposedly defending our putative democracy from the “Cheeto Mussolini,” Michael Moore’s new documentary comes as a breath of fresh air.


Ain’t THAT the truth!  Or have we already forgotten O’Bummer & P’Loser’s “Look Forward, Not Back” excuse for letting the War Criminals and Banksters off the hook nearly a decade ago (a betrayal of “Hope” that drove me out of the DamnocRatic Party even before the disgusting “coronation” of Her Ignoble Arrogance, the Red Queen.

The film was released before the oncologists’ report that the cancer of neofascism which had infected the Sub-Prime Kourt some time ago had metastasized in a particularly virulent way, and the Constitution of the United States – though now on life support in the ICU – is not expected to survive the decade . . .


Too many Democrats compromise with Republicans or act like them once they are in office. Bill Clinton compromised with the Republicans on allowing gay men & lesbians in the military. He made it DADT, (Don’t ask, don’t tell). He bombed Iraq like GHW Bush did, bombed a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan & sent Black Hawk Planes to Somalia. He negotiated peace talks between Arafat & Rabin & between Arafat & Ehud Barak Obama but started to regret it because the talks failed & blamed Arafat when he should have blamed Ehud Barak Obama because he refused to give the Palestinians East Jerusalem,the Arab Section of Jerusalem. Hillary is pro-war because that’s what gets politicians elected & she & Bill regret the fact Bill was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War & protested that war.

Many Conservatives call Liberals bleeding hearts. Many Liberals as well as Conservatives are bleeding hearts for John McPain In The Ass & Chris Kyle. I’m not sorry they died, I’m sorry they lived.