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'Failed' EU Refugee Summit Results in Aid Pledge — and Little Else


'Failed' EU Refugee Summit Results in Aid Pledge — and Little Else

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the continent faces what one humanitarian organization has dubbed "a social, economic, and political crisis of immense proportions," European heads of government agreed Thursday to pledge at least $1.1 billion to help refugees, but failed to come up with a comprehensive strategy to stem a growing disaster.


They don’t want a long term solution that would have them accepting refugees. They want a keep them over there solution I think. Maybe they will accept some refugees now but they are thinking about what happens in the future when climate change and climate change exacerbated wars force more people to become refugees?

They don’t mind solving the refugee crisis now (not that they are in point of fact) but they don’t want to set any precedents nor make statements that will cause them to accept refugees in the future.


Let’s see…the ways the “industrialized” nations solve problems (U S included): either throw money at them or send in the drones/troops/missiles. That way the leaders of those nations are far removed from the results. The current refugee crisis is a direct result of the US and their allies coveting the oil, natural gas, mineral resources in the Middle East, backing the wrong groups, sending in troops and destroying infrastructure causing people like the Iraqi’s to flee their homes as refugees. The incursion (and all its disastrous results) by the US in Iraq was the major cause of the current refugee crisis…GWB, Cheney, Rummy, and their cadre of criminals laugh all the way to the bank.


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You are saying democrats don’t destroy democracies as fast as republicans? What has changed under the constantly rotating dems and repubs?? The game is to fool voters into picking sides.