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Failed State: The Sudden Descent of the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/30/failed-state-sudden-descent-united-states


History books will portray America during this period as a tragic cautionary tale.


Complacency sets up the looters to loot. Adversity sets up the reformers to reform. Chaos sets up the revolutionaries to revolt. Which shall it be Door Number One, Two, or Three? We saw One play out for quite a while with consumerism leading the way with many being ensnared into debt slavery. With a jubilee, perhaps reform is possible. Absent that, I predict revolution, in some form, is inevitable. I am glad to not have progeny to contribute to the grist mill.


…and I thought the US was too pig to fail…


I’ve been hearing for years that the US Empire is on the verge of collapsing?

When I see that we begin to remove our military footprint from around the world, I might start believing it. From what I see, we are still attacking countries left and right with the next big target being China.

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There is an interesting rhyme between being 4% of the worlds population while having 25% of its prison population, and 25% or its covid19 infections.

Government for the people, by the people?


The USA was a failed state since the days it began. It was founded by a few wealthy white guys for their own benefit. And nothing has changed since then. And let us not forget all the slavery and Native American genocide that was the foundation of the economy. There was nothing sudden about the USA being a failed state.


So, if your premise is that the U.S. of A. is already falling down the stairs to a failed state, and the landing will be Neo-Fascist governance ( The Corporotocracy ): one question for you here; where, or where, does that leave every other country on the planet? They cannot pick up their marbles and move on to the next world, now can they?
Your assertions that nothing has changed besides people’s car bumper stickers is guite premature, currently. Much of what you say, as well as well as what the author of the article contends, has been pointed out before.
There is much to be concerned about with relying on BLM to carry more of the chicken shit white folks water, here in 2020. First off it’s so cowardly and unfair; ya’ know, just off the charts bogus. But, they are showing us at least one glaring truth, " if you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything. " In less than 4 months I imagine we’ll all find out where we stand, right?


Voter turnout in the USA is something like 55 percent. Trump and others that subscribe to the claim that there mass voter fraud claim that people are voting over and over again , not twice but three times and more. In other words according to this meme voter turnout in the USA is on the order of 30 percent with the Republicans getting about half of that give or take .

Now it has been demonstrated in a Court of law that in at least one State fraud was going on but it was Republicans committing it.


In other words if there is this massive fraud going on it just as likely Republican fraud as it is Democratic fraud. So if we take Trump literally when he claims people just put on a different hat or shirt and get in line again, the Congress, Senate and Presidency are all selected by about 15 percent of the population.

That is not a democracy.


Your analysis is a realistic and courages assessment of the current US sociopolitical situation. May I add to that the socioeconomic dimensions that are responsible for much if not all of the inequality and injustice we as the common people experience on a daily basis. It is time for Capitalism to be replaced with a system that allows for more equality and justice for the ninety nine percent. Maybe I’m a dreamer but I am not the only one…


A great article by the always excellent Caitlin Johnstone on what happens to Mr Assange and the state of “free speech” in the USA.


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It is collapsing faster and faster now. The economy is about to implode. The citizens are becoming more and more divided. The USA is collapsing from within like all empires do at the end. Collapsing empires will keep on attacking countries all the way to the end so I wouldn’t look to that as a way to believe the USA empire is not collapsing. It is.


You won’t get me to " buy in " on The Empire. However, you won’t get me to stop thinking that, less than 130 days from the 2020 LOTE election, I’m not going to protect good people from bad ones. That’s not a threat, it has to be a promise.
" We have not yet begun to fight ". So, figuratively speaking, keep your powder dry for a bit longer. We’ll surely arrive at a point when seeing " the whites of their eyes " will just make it easier to put a giant and sharp stick into it. For keeps, too.

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what a ridiculous overstatement that “nothing would change” if Biden replaced Trump. Things would change with regard to immigrants, consumer protection, the role of science, pollution control, unions, trans rights, voting rights, reproductive freedom, wildlife, national monuments, tax policy… just as they all did, for the worse, when Trump became President. Vast overstatements like yours harms the progressive movement


The US has indeed declined rapidly though its roots began well before Trump as we largely neglected infrastructure, public health, rising income inequality, homelessness and of course, the racial divide. The one thing I don’t agree with in the post is that Black Lives Matter will save us, it seems to just be pointing to increased polarization and raising the chance of armed violence from the contras. And the vast Federal Reserve giveaways to big business have the potential to debase the currency and lead to destabilizing inflation that would be the end

Excellent summation of the hollowness of the Democratic party. Window dressing, pandering, and platitudes are all they have to offer as “resistance.”

A win by Biden will simply lull people back to sleep and the corporate looting and disintegrating empire will continue unchecked as the planet burns.


I wouldn’t call the descent of the U.S. sudden, though I guess maybe it is compared to past empires. The decline has been happening for decades, since the 40s at least if not longer. It is just current events have steepened that downward incline to be nearly completely vertical.

Like a fighter past his prime, still getting in the ring throwing hay-makers!

Kaylie…I admire how you hit all the nails on the heads! WTG!
I fear you are right, hope you are wrong in predictions – especially the “complacency under Biden” thing – but again, fear you’re right on that. This country is far too willing to believe corporate-owned media that doesn’t report all the news it should; most people will do nothing & assume that there are people in power to make sure the worst does not happen.
(Anyone who still believes that nonsense – after years of GOP’s blind & mindnumbing Trump support/enabling & their betrayal of America for their traitorous loyalty to Trump – is either crazy or stupid.)
It is sad & stupifying to think that after what we have & are still going thru, that people would just fade back into complacency, but many of them will. The struggle just to survive in this land of low wages & high bills, takes so much energy out of regular folks that they just take the easy way…ya’ know, like get some sleep!
I hope many read yours & reread it cuz’ t has so much to say & think anout!

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