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Failing Test for Green Recovery, Tracker Shows G20 Nations Pumping $151 Billion Into Fossil Fuel Industry Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/failing-test-green-recovery-tracker-shows-g20-nations-pumping-151-billion-fossil

The numbers for Canada are likely much higher as I am not sure this study measures the dollar amount of “stimulus” via lower royalties.

As example the Royalty rate in Norway is over 40 percent , in Texas around 20 percent and in the Tarsands of Alberta around 5 percent. That means 40, 20 and 5 percent of all revenues produced by the sale of the hydrocarbons produced go to the Government. I deem this a subsidy.

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One way or another the PTB are going to get us all killed as long as there is profit for them. The people or planet are one their own in this game of survival.

Not to worry, Joe Biden will save us all. Gotta love his new Build Back Better slogan. Who the fuck came up with that one. It’s nothing but the Make America Great Again one, but even dumber sounding. Way to go Joe to actually come up with words as dumb as you are.

The people who can do something about this, and the filthy rich are building or buying underground facilities to survive the heat. The rest of us fry.

This article is really pretty silly when you think about it. Of course they’re going to support the fossil fuel industry because most people still drive cars that run on gasoline or diesel fuel, and most people have houses that use fossil fuels for heat or electricity. I’ll bet the author of this article even uses fossil fuel in one way or the other. Contrary to what folks who have their articles published here apparently think we can’t just turn off the fossil fuel spigot and immediately convert to renewable energy - it’s going to take decades and trillions of dollars to finish building the infrastructure to do that and get folks converted over. In the meantime we have to have something to run our vehicles and homes on, so this industry simply can’t be allowed to just go belly up.

Most greenhouse gases come from other sources such as animal ag and human overpopulation anyway which gets very little print on CD compared to the fossil fuel bashing articles. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for all the pie in the sky thinkers here, but that’s the reality of it.

Most greenhouse gases, 70 percent in sum total that are related to human activity , are from the energy sector and not animal agriculture.

GHG emissions dropped significantly during this lock down showing they can in fact be curtailed .




They all want to steal it before its all gone. Before we wise up.
SO many things are like that.