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Failing the Poor and the Economy, Kansas Gov Signs 'Regressive' Tax Deal


Failing the Poor and the Economy, Kansas Gov Signs 'Regressive' Tax Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Following the end of the longest legislative session in state history, which dragged on an extra 23 days, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed a massive budget deal into law that includes a $384 million tax hike—mostly on the poor.


As if anyone in the Kansas state legislature who cast “Aye” votes on any of Brownback’s tax deals could give a damn about the constituencies they represent, which include people living in poverty in most districts in Kansas. Perhaps Brownback should offer to give his salary back to the state to cover shortfalls…he essentially gave himself a tax break with his move to cut taxes on the wealthy and give massive loopholes to corporations thus jeopardizing the state and its revenues. Stupid is as Stupid does! (Forrest Gump)


As with NPR, Common Dreams fail to mention the most salient feature of Brownback’s tax plan.

The Koch brothers, whose wealth is growing at the rate of $5 Billion annually, each, were exempted from paying taxes on profits held by their corporation, which files as an “S” corporation (small business) status.

When other taxpayers realized they too could dodge taxes by filing as “S” corps, the number of such filers doubled in Kansas.

The Kochs installed Brownback in office in 1996, by laundering campaign contributions through Triad.

Grow a pair and name the enemy, Common Dreams!


The regressive sales taxes are designed to further shrink the Kansas economy.

Shrinking the Kansas economy is the shortest route to shrinking the Kansas government to a subsidiary of the Koch Bros.