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Failing to Deliver "Great" Healthcare, Trump Now Just Wants System to "Implode"


Failing to Deliver "Great" Healthcare, Trump Now Just Wants System to "Implode"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Now that Senate Republicans have failed to pass even a "skinny repeal" of the Affordable Care Act, it seems the Trump administration will shift back to its strategy of sabotaging the law which governs the nation's healthcare system. After shaming the lawmakers who voted against the repeal, President Donald Trump ominously tweeted early Friday: "Let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!"


Mafia Don the carnival barker!
Healthcare who cares? TrumpDon’tCare. He hoodwinks and could give a shit less. He got the job for his ego, now doesn’t know, what the fuck to do.

Resign and crash your businesses.


The guy is a grade-A asshole. Look for him to double down on creating misery as “revenge” for the latest slight from the Senate. Don’t be surprised if he goes after Alaska and Arizona especially. Even GWB learned to be conciliatory, but this guy is just a pig-headed bully out for himself.


Failing to Deliver “Great Healthcare”, American People just want Trump’s Head, to Implode!


This deranged scumbag is a threat to all others and everything - that’s what his pathetic mind conceives as important - HIS benefit and inconceivably narrow and egocentric life experience only, to the great detriment to all else! Now his tiny mind and tiny hands will do whatever filth his tiny ability can do to sooth his “defeat”…what a POS!


Trump has a lot of power to wreck Obamacare and out of spite I have little doubt that he will try and most likely succeed. He has a lot of political support for that. Now that he was voted into office there isn’t much we can do. He won the Republican primary because people voted for him and won the general election because people voted for him. I guess one could quibble about the general election because he lost the popular vote by fairly wide margin but at least in some sense he is carrying out the will of the people. At least those who object to being forced to buy health coverage or pay a stiff penalty in the form of taxes. Also, many object to the expansion of the Medicaid program because they think it mainly benefits blacks although that probably is not true. Sadly, not only does Trump want the healthcare system to implode but so do millions of Americans.


Shit is useful as fertilizer. When Trump dies his decaying body would be useful, but I expect that he will be sealed away from all the elements of the world in a very expensive box so even in death he will serve no useful purpose. Useless in life, useless in death. A fitting epitaph.


This whole thing makes laws seem meaningless. When one party can spend years trying to get rid of a law they don’t like over and over. And the president can decide not to uphold parts of it and deny funding to other parts. Is there ever a point they sit down and devote energy, thought, and resources into making it work - rather than failed attempts to get rid of it or sabotage it?


Trump couldn’t do a better job of unmasking villains if he was doing it on purpose.

Direct Democracy


“Unmasking villains” would be plausable if Trump wasn’t putting them in charge concurrent with unmasking.

Judging from observing his campaign and from what I have gathered from his supporters, Trump’s platform (if you can call it that) and his supporters’ enthusiasm have been limited to exploding and/or imploding “the system” from the very beginning of his campaign.


I recommend holding Ivanka publicly responsible for all of Donnie’s actions. She would then have to disavow those actions or declare agreement with them. If she did the former then Donnie’s little head would explode and if she did the latter then she would have to suffer a severe blow to what little should be left of any positive public regard. Since she has an office in the WH and is well regarded by DT then why not hold her responsible?


In all honesty, normally I dismiss posts of the sort I am about to compose, but consideration of the current state of the Federal Government compels me. It seems difficult to me to imagine what is occurring in Washington, D.C., is not seriously effecting the Republican Party in respect to the electorate. Polls provide support for this, exhibiting strong popular opposition to what seems every major legislative and executive action sought by Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump. Am I mistaken in this conclusion? If so, please inform me and other readers of CommonDreams. If I am not mistaken, then the only variable interfering with a Republican debacle in the next election is an insipid Democratic Party which lost its soul at least with the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.


And in spite of having overwhelming power they still failed … if we failed to do our low-paying menial jobs we’d be fired in a heartbeat – it is now time to fire our worthless elected terrorists!


First thing in office, DAPL, Keystone, drilling in National Parks and offshore
and subsequent steel production for pipes, walls, navy ships, armament.
The agenda is war and worldwide impoverishment.
Impoverishment and insecurity here for more enlistees.
Trump is still just a figurehead to hide strategy.
Military strategy, alike destroying Mosul to save it.


Evidently President Trump places himself above the law. The ACA, as a law, includes cost-sharing subsidies, the individual mandate, and enrollment outreach, three critical pieces that help ensure a sustainable public-private health insurance market, wherein insurers remain in the market because it’s profitable, and customers benefit from insurer competition in the form of lower premiums and deductibles. Sustainable public-private health insurance markets are not rocket science but can instead be built with well understood pieces like these that ensure more rather then less insurers in the market because individual customer buy-in is high volume. These, and other, pieces, are what need improvement and sustenance, and much of it is already built into the law. Why should Americans accept a President who flouts the law, when both Republicans and Democrats can simply come together to work these pieces that everyone in academia, medicine, and insurance, knows will make the insurance marketplace work better? In the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, passed by a Republican Congress and signed by a Republican President, the Federal Government ensured the success of Medicare Advantage, a supplemental private insurance program to Medicare with similar subsidies contained in the ACA, subsidies that President Trump and almost all of the national GOP now decry of the ACA and tried to repeal last night. Only now Trump seems to be planning to flout the ACA law by illegally withholding these subsidies. If he does try it, he ought to be sued on the merits. Hopefully less craven and reactionary Republicans will prevail and work with Democrats to ensure the subsidy and mandate programs are properly implemented and enforced.


With all the toxins and poisons harbored in this demonic despot’s body, it is just as well that the corpse is sealed to PROTECT any and all life that would otherwise come in contact with it.


Yeah. He got 27% of the eligible voters to support him. Now about 88% of those people would still vote for him, which reduces his 67 million original supporters to about 59 million–only 18% of the nation’s population. Basically he’s there because so many eligible voters were either unable to cast their ballot–or didn’t.


It is like the mafia. I believe Trump views himself as a Don protecting his family and investments when maniac banker thugs like Sciramucci (sp). Either he’s a Russian Czar with all his family membes sharing power to enrich themselves with secret deals or it’s just the mob. Maybe it’s the Russian Mob who has secrets about Don. We are watching history and this Trump Administration becomes more desperate daily and desperate men do desperate things. There is a world of important news transpiring while we diddle with Don Trump. Interior Sec Zanke threatened Alaska Senator Murkowski (sp). Zanke told her it would be bad for Alaska if she did not vote. It has to be criminal to threaten a seated senator and the president and Zanke did it this week. This may make Nixon pale in comparison but when the dust settles America will be left with VP Pence, Speaker Ryan, Pro-Tem McConnell. Noteworthy, we liberals are doing a great job thus far of slowing the demolition of our world. I think.


Once more the “socalled” president gets his ear tweaked. When will he learn that being president is a job not an honor. The honor comes when people speak of you fondly when you are history. Of course DT wants it Now while realistically it is doubtful that he will even get it later.


Sure and why not for it was he who invited them to his table. He has staffed his admin with swamp denizens and he is but seeing to their comfort.