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Failure to Address Climate Crisis Puts Children at Risk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/01/failure-address-climate-crisis-puts-children-risk

Rees offers 11 strategies to deal with the crisis, which he argues must go beyond the current “green new deal.” Included are “formal recognition of the end of material growth and the need to reduce the human ecological footprint,” and reducing production and consumption. (article)

“beyond the current green new deal”

Key insight - and I agree !


If you cared about the children you wouldn’t let 600 plus die every hour on this planet.
The culture doesn’t care it values the survival of the fittest with its free market economy which is controlled by the few for the few .This it idolizes .
5% of people control 95% of all resources.
Only 8 people have the same wealth as half the world’s population.
So the question is when have we had enough ?
And what are we going to put in place to change anything .
The problems that arise on this planet are millennia old and come from our cultural myths ,stories, fallacies these belifs that our dominant culture hold have never been seriously challenged.
This is the source of our on going problems. They can only be resolved by spiritual means .
Yesterday I read about 17 hedge fund managers who play the system ,taking bets on the stock of companies going down. They made over £250 million pounds .
That’s all they care about making millions ,screw the rest of us .
We will go like Rome or Lemuria simply erasing ourselves through Greed and even more violence.
The collective survival of all life is more important than the few greedy zilionaires ,who basically do not want change or taxed and complain about lost incentives when one talks about a maximum wage or a transparent monetary system that exposes what’s really going on
It’s about time society got of its knees ,it has a responsibility to itself .

And hurry up and grow some Green Stuff that can be used for so many nonrewneable resources at a tenth of the cost.
Capatilism and Socialism cannot solve the problems because they are both part of the Oligopoly.
Only moving to an understanding that we are a part of nature and nature is not the enemy to be dominated .An understanding of our collective responsibility to be good stewards of our home and Life and to pass this on to the next generation.


Yes…I agree ….and too bad there are only two comments on this so far.

Here is another…I do not mean to sound rude…it is all “happy talk”…please see my front page for details…thanks

“Failure to address” is institutionalized mass murder on a planetary scale, with the poorest the first victims - until they decide to strip the rich and powerful of all their supposed security and domination of political direction in place of scientific leadership! Politicians should have nothing to do with this fight foe sanity and survival!

The stalling by big-money and their lackeys in media, and politics especially is a premeditated plan to do nothing! Some point to zero emissions by 2045-2050.as “the plan” - that is a delusional mindset and inherent utter failure to really address the crises as they must be. To secure survival of life and healthy, sustainable future as we have known it, requires far more than that weak rubbish - it is mental and criminal in the extreme!

The need for real action has been known for half a century and always the point of doing something was ignored or pushed so far into the future it became absurd. Morons r us, and the corrupt ignorant lead us and deny all truth, as they silence science to play at politics!.
What we need is a revolution in thought and practice to tear their play-house down, but the rule of wealth in few hands and pathetic media charade theatre dictates the future for all life on Earth. Pathetic arrogant stupidity on a monumental scale!

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I would like to include @Emphyrio @Ditton @theinitiate in this reply.

Powerful insights there Hemp - totally agree with all three !

Very personally - I am not used to being on my knees - but that is the feeling for sure these days.

It’s like both at work and in general, we are part of the grisly gang destroying the planet. Yes - we may live in a way that seems not to, we post here, write emails perhaps to elected representatives and such - but there is no feeling, at least on my part, that any of this is effective.

It feels like Chamberlain in charge of the UK - meeting Hitler - being taken in - then finally, even when war was declared, being utterly incapable of a proper response.

It took Winston Churchill to finally lay it out clearly:

‘Our policy - WAR !!!’

Our aim - VICTORY ~

But right now it’s still Chamberlain - good manners & pacifism in the face of existential threat.

see “The gathering Storm” with Richard Burton, free on youtube - no other documantary comes even close to this one:

“The Gathering Storm” Richard Burton, 1974

FFS, we couldn’t tackle a city-wide crisis much less a global crisis.

Here was Obama in Flint, where kids still drink bottled water: