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Failure to Hold Trump Accountable for Capitol Siege Means 'It Will Happen Again,' Says Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/10/failure-hold-trump-accountable-capitol-siege-means-it-will-happen-again-says-rep


Something like that could happen again. There were no security guards nor police officers stopping the protesters nor arresting them. The protesters should have been arrested and the Trump Administration should be physically removed from their workplaces and White House.


Absolutely, 100% correct.

After Reagan/Bush, the Democrats appeased the Republican criminals. They said “lets move forward.” The result was that the Bush/Cheney regime was noticeably worse. Then, after Bush/Cheney, the Democrats again appeased the Republican criminals. Again the Democrats said “lets move forward.”

The Trump/Pence regime was much, much noticeably worse. Which clearly says, that if the Democrats again appease Republican criminals, the next time around the wheel will again be much more horrible and worse. And since, this wave of Republican criminals just staged an armed assault to attempt to overthrow the election, led by the President and aided and abetted by a huge number of other Republicans, we can’t afford to let things get worse than this.

We know that appeasing right-wing, authoritarian movements does not work.


Yeah it might happen in another week or so!

Although it may be harder for the MAGAts to fly to DC this time, since apparently they were less than ideal passengers on the way home from this last pillage.

It appears that a few days were all the right wing echo chamber needed to tamp down the initial disgust with Trump and his henchmen even on the Right. Polls settling down into the predictable partisan splits again. Shame we didn’t use that short but juicy window to engage the little rats.

Back to square one: the “teams” are back to hating each other properly again.


This goes beyond impeachment. Biden’s AG absolutely must go after the crimes of the Trump/Pence era. We haven’t even gotten inside to see the records, after an administration that has been stonewalling the constitutionally mandated congressional oversight, so we don’t even know the full extent of their crimes. For instance, we know only reports on the Trump/Pence regime performing forced sterilizations in their concentration camps.

And yet, we already hear the Democrat appeasement caucus starting with the ‘lets move forward, not look back’ bleating.


Beating the Axis powers in World War ll looked dim also.


It will happen again, and probably with Trump himself, after he runs and defeats Kamala Harris in 4 years.


The president poses “a clear and present danger not just to the United States Congress but frankly to the country,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC is correct and one has to wonder how much more damage Trump can do in the next ten days. Hell, even my Senator, Lisa Murkowski, the Republican from Alaska, said the same thing when she said: “Trump has done enough damage”.


It will happen again, because when Harris gets more votes and wins the Electoral College, the Republicans now know they can just storm the congress and overturn the results of democracy.

We’ll probably see this 2 years from now, when control of the Senate is at state. We will see a Republican candidate, far behind in the polls, claiming the only way they can lose is if the election is rigged. After the Republican loses, FOX News and the rest of the authoritarian right will start the evidence-free, Big Lie, that the election was fraudulent. We will see the State Capitol and the Sec of State’s offices occupied by armed mobs. And eventually we’ll be told, at the point of those guns, that the Republican is the next Senator.

If the Democrats are not strong now, in defense of democracy, democracy is dead in America.


She should have said “The Republicans” pose a clear and present danger. This coup had a huge number of co-conspirators, including almost all \Republicans and the right-wing media.


It will Don Jr. as leader of the new party that he begins Jan.23, 2021.
All legal and governmental actions against his dad becomes ‘political’,
not criminal charges.
This will effect 2022 elections, split the republican party.
Raise up more disruptive goons to intimidate, destroy.

el trumpo himself won’t be around in 2024 due to diet, exercise,


As I’ve been repeating over and over, Senators left town and did so by unanimous consent. Saw an interview with Sherrod Brown, who said great things. He appeared to be interviewing from home. Saw an interview with Roy Blunt, who criticized impeachment, but he appeared to be interviewing at home. Read an article quoting Bernie Sanders about impeachment, from Vermont.

The House can impeach, but Senators skipped town. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is right, but her Senate colleagues all agreed to leave.


That’s another thing that must be thoroughly investigated before we can move on.

I was in DC for a lot of protests early in this century. I’ve never seen the Capitol as undefended as this. What I remember from those protests, were the Capitol Police on the front line, manning the barricades in riot gear. Behind them, legions of state police in riot gear. Lots of pepper spray projectors for support. And all of that backed up at the top of the stairs by people in military uniforms carrying machine guns. No leftist protestor who choose to ‘Storm the Capitol’ would have made it to the top of the steps alive.

It is quite obvious that the Trump regime deliberately left the Capitol lightly defended.


Very true, that would have been a better statement.


From the article:

The dear colleague letter, released late Saturday, does not specifically mention impeachment, but references “parliamentary and constitutional options available to us” she’s discussed with lawyers.

“parliamentary and constitutional options” means not impeachment.

Pelosi has had a week of opportunities to bring Trump to justice for impeachable offenses - since the Raffensperger recording was released - and she has slow-walked the process completely.

Pelosi is trying to run out the clock. She is doing for Trump what she did for
Dubya, Cheney, et al - driving the getaway car. Trump committed sedition - advocating and inciting violent opposition to the government, and Pelosi is his "accomplice*.


100% correct, AOC. You know who else needs to be held accountable? YOU and your squad of so-called progressives who refused to force a floor-vote on Medicare for all by withholding your votes for Pelosi as Speaker if she did not agree to it. You need to be held accountable for selling out and going from being an activist to a careerist almost overnight. You need to be held accountable for spewing the same line of garbage that Pelosi has been spewing for years – “now is not the time.”

Pelosi hates you but you keep bowing down to her, calling her “Momma Bear,” and trying to appease her by being a good little scout instead of the angry, fiery rebel we elected you to be. Apparently you’ve learned quickly how cushy and enriching life can be if you play the game according to the established rules and settle in to the country club atmosphere of DC politics. You are one more compelling reason why we need a third party of the people. The Democratic Party is incapable of ever changing. No matter how noble the intentions of progressives, once they enter the meat-grinder of the oligarchy, they get chewed up and ground into the system, just like the ones before them.

People are singing hallelujah, saying that our “democracy was spared,” BS. The Establishment, the oligarchy is what won out here, not “democracy.” We haven’t been a democracy for at least 40 years. And now the establishment politicians are thumping their chests and acting proud of themselves for calling for accountability, while still ignoring the needs and the will of the hungry, uninsured, marginalized people. And AOC is just another pretentious voice of the Establishment, still a little more progressive sounding than the rest, but that is all she is – sound, not substance.


Most here have been shouting from the rooftops for years to no avail.

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That’s the way any capital should be defended. They knew thousands were showing up, and there should have been thousands of defenders. Why not?


The discussion needs to move beyond political tactics and on to moral certitude. Trump has to go. The sooner the better. Over 331 million lives are affected and let’s add in Iran’s 84 million as he probably sees them as a means to his goal of remaining in power. Now is not the time to pick nits. He should be impeached by noon tomorrow.


Fascinating the way ABC buries this story. She said this on the ABC Sunday talk show, but its hard to find on ABC’s website. There is a headline about Rep. Kinsinger calling for impeachment. You have to open that article, then scroll down to the bottom half, to even know that Rep Cortez said anything on ABC Tv that day. ABC then makes a big point about how this would ‘divide the country’ before the article ends.