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Failure to Hold Trump Accountable for Capitol Siege Means 'It Will Happen Again,' Says Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

All this shillyshallying around. It’s too pathetic. Look what they did to Guy Fawkes.

You have a point there. He could well and truly be gone; as in “escaped/eloped”.

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since the whiners in the Republican party have proven over and over again that they have no sympathy for the people of the US–why does anyone think that they deserve any kind of consideration–they are --simply put–a criminal organization posing as a political party—every single Republican legislature that participated in Trump’s attempt to overthrow democracy should be arrested , prosecuted, and the punished for their sedition–kicked out of their seats at the very least–continuing to let traitors be part of the government is a sure losing strategy----but then I know that the Democrats have been letting the Republicans get away with treason since they let Nixon and Reagan walk away from their treachery–also around getting elected

Time to face it --the Republicans are a treacherous ,lying, power hungry, bunch of well dressed mobsters who have betrayed our republic time and again for the last 50 years–continuing to allow them to act as if they were honest brokers is only inciting their perfidy


Someone high-up needed to be handing out cookies and giving thumbs-up to violence. Then the shooting could have started and martial law imposed. It may have been that close…


laugh out f’n loud at it will happen in 2, 4 years.

It will happen again in approximately 6 days.


Q-anon needs to be expelled at every level.

And then there is this:

Fuckin Yikes.

The DNC will not allow a progressive to win the nomination. How many times do we need to watch their primary election fraud antics before this is accepted?

As has been said many times, the democrats despise progressives so much they’ll sacrifice a race to a Republican before letting a progressive win.


From what state? This is something I can’t picture. D.C. police, or National Guard, perhaps?

Trying to use the 25th Amendment and put the responsibility onto the executive branch for a breach of CONGRESS, is shameful. A supposedly co-equal branch of the US government was overtaken and plundered by seditious rioters. Far more damage could have been done but wasn’t, no thanks to the Capitol Police.

It is encumbent upon Congress to act to preserve and remaining vestige of authority. This cannot be passed back into the executive branch, yet further abdicating the authority of Congress.


So, if Trump pardons everyone who had a role in the storming of the Capitol, does that give himself a legal argument if he is later charged with instigating the storming of the Capitol?

Yes. That does describe the republican corporation.

But the democrat corporation has not been letting them get away with it. They are equal partners in the in the corporate duopoly. You have also described them.


Yes, AOC, you are correct! There is so much more where that came from.

Maybe that’s why you shouldn’t have voted Nancy back in as speaker?


Well said.

Spot on sadly.

What ?

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Here’s one more:

Sixth, A-25 sets up a four step process: VP’s declaration, Trump’s counter-declaration, VP’s counter-counter -declaration, decision by Congress within 21 days. The VP’s declaration is upheld if two-thirds of each House of Congress agree with him. Because Republicans have well over one third of the seats in each house, the VP is almost certain not to get two-thirds and not to win, and Presidential powers will revert Trump.This won’t happen now, because Trump’s term is nearly over, but Trump’s fans will be able to claim - rightly - that he would have been vindicated by Congress if the timing had not been manipulated by the Democrats.

I think you Sirios may have something here. Biden isn’t playing with a full deck and already has shown signs of dementia long before the election. It is conceivable, if not probable, that after he bungles the first two years as only a right wing, big banking advocate like him can, (With a good amount of help from Pelosi and Schumer), that in two years the republicans steal back the house and the senate. Since Pelosi is setting the precedent of inappropriately using the 25th amendment on Trump, it is not unlikely that republicans, in control of the house and senate, as they definitely will be, will use Biden’s clear-cut dementia as an excuse to evict him. A special election will soon follow, and as if nightmares were a precursor of things to come: voila Trump, (or something worse), is back again, and well before the 4 year mark.

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What you mean-um “rarely”, Kemo Sabé?   The Nürnberg Trials in the late 1940s were focused on the followers, not the leaders, so we have only the 100-Year event of Nixon’s resignation and subsequent pardon – a great example of “accountability” – to look to for confirmation.  I’d replace “rarely” with “almost never” for greater accuracy.

Ah-yup.  The same P’Loser who held The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, Dick Cheney, Gina Haspel, Eric Prince, John Yoo and dozens of other War Criminals accountable when she was Speaker of the House in 2009.  She is one of the two main reasons – along with her chum O’Bummer – I am no longer a member of the DimWit-Ratic Party.

You seem to be dabbling in semantics as I find very little difference in the words “rarely” and “almost never.” If I had said that those in power are often or even sometimes held accountable for their actions then I would certainly concede that you had a point. But a careful reading of my post reveals that that is not what I had either said or intimated.