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Failure to Hold Trump Accountable for Capitol Siege Means 'It Will Happen Again,' Says Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

What you mean-um “rarely”, Kemo Sabé?   The Nürnberg Trials in the late 1940s were focused on the followers, not the leaders, so we have only the 100-Year event of Nixon’s resignation and subsequent pardon – a great example of “accountability” – to look to for confirmation.  I’d replace “rarely” with “almost never” for greater accuracy.

Ah-yup.  The same P’Loser who held The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, Dick Cheney, Gina Haspel, Eric Prince, John Yoo and dozens of other War Criminals accountable when she was Speaker of the House in 2009.  She is one of the two main reasons – along with her chum O’Bummer – I am no longer a member of the DimWit-Ratic Party.

You seem to be dabbling in semantics as I find very little difference in the words “rarely” and “almost never.” If I had said that those in power are often or even sometimes held accountable for their actions then I would certainly concede that you had a point. But a careful reading of my post reveals that that is not what I had either said or intimated.

No, the VP becomes Acting President for as long as the Pres is incapacitated, and finishes the term if the Pres remains incapacitated the whole time.

Yeah that would be Harris, but with a radicalized, right wing, white supremacist, supreme court, and with a republican senate and congress, and without any sense of due process and decency, we can’t really say. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harris isn’t removed too, she is Both a woman and Black. The supreme court chose W Bush to be president, and there is no legal way whereby that can occur. It is time to stop giving the right wing the benefit of the doubt and take them for what they are - right wing, religious fundamentalist, extremist, anti-American terrorists. They do whatever they want and their ranks include both republicans, democrats, and Israeli’s. Emboldened by the failure to hold them accountable, which we are about to witness once again, they will only become only that much more radicalized. this Kabuki theatre of an accountability proceeding is going to be a joke - You cannot really believe that a conviction will occur and even if it did there is self pardoning already being planned, along with a massive many millions strong NAZI movement, which includes a majority of military and police personnel, coast to coast, who have all the courts and judges on their side as we have seen in the black assassination campaign they have been waging for a century or two.

“The process of healing … requires accountability.”

That has been one of my own points, for the last two decades of this ROTpublican Fascist Putch…

And most of the time it serves as a convenient stand-in for the heavy analysis I might engage in if I was purely “being upset.”

Here’s how it works: IF accountability is in the cards, THEN I work my efforts up, a pitch or two, as I can sustain the push IF I am about to make headway.

But if it is not, if there are just too many Ted Cruzes and Josh Hawleys rousing the rabble, and working it up to spittle flying “outrage” (that they surely think must be for “good causes” – just like their RICH MASTERS (um, CHARLES KOCH) want them to), then no amount of clear-eyed vision can work through that noise… which is the ESSENCE of their rational for raising it in the first place.

SAD to say, the ONLY thing that can really cut through that cloud of false flags to the TRUTH, is when an event of almost UNIFORM damage to citizens has happened.

One HOPES that an insurrection at the nation’s Captal is one such event, BUT it is really up to US to see that it is, past all of the Reich Wing Propaganda.

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To me “rarely” implies that something happens once every few years, whereas “almost never” means only once or maybe twice in my entire lifetime.

Note corrections above.   IMHO, a majority comprised of ordinary people in BOTH parties (mostly Ds, but there are a few rational Rs) would vote for a genuine populist if one ever got past a primary.  Even that grumpy old semi-populist Bernie would have beaten Tweetle-Dumb in 2016 had he been on the D ticket instead of Hideous Hilliary.

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I don’t find the pithy name calling terribly helpful. Admittedly the names I call them in my own head are much worse than what you typed out.

The elected rank and file are made up of those allowed to hold office by the DNC. If the DNC thought they wouldn’t be able to control and subdue them the candidates would not have been allowed to make it through the primary process.

She’s right. He crossed a bright line when he started urging people to invade the Capitol.

Don’t bother posting with UncleFester. He’s just here to lure unsuspecting victims so he can launch nasty diatribes against anyone who disagrees with him. Just ignore him is my best advise.