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Fair Game: Why Bernie Should Keep Going


Fair Game: Why Bernie Should Keep Going

John Atcheson

Predictably, after New York, the establishment is demanding that Bernie bow out. The etiquette of conventional Party politics, after all, dictates that he step aside, lest he weaken the front runner. But this race has never been about tweedle-dee vs. tweedle-dum, so the conventions of Party politics have little bearing on whether Bernie should fight all the way to the Convention. Here’s why he needs to keep going.

The selection process is undemocratic, and fundamentally broken




In view of the election shenanigans diverting funds to one candidate and the state wide primary debacles whether in Ariz or NY or wherever ... In view of the rigged game and what will happen to America if this lack of democracy is allowed to stand, the issue has now become whether the Democratic Party is taking advantage of Bernie's honesty to both rig the game as well as to defraud his campaign of his share of donated funds to the party. Are the Dems treating Bernie as a democrat or are the treating him like he is an independent? It sure seems like the DNC sees only one person as the democrat... Bernie take notice...they didn't keep their word. They didn't and aren't playing fair.

Can we ask Bernie not to abandon all the independent voters who are neither republican or democratic registered voters and run as an independent? America has come out in huge numbers Bernie...don't let them take you from us by their cheating. Americans need to catch a break because we are getting ready to bust.

Bernie should run as an independent... You tried but they've lied ... We need you Bernie ... We actually do!

A lot of people who don't want to vote for Hillary don't want to vote for Trump either. The race would be split three ways as Trump voters swing over to Bernie in droves. The same would happen with Hillary voters. People want change that is why they support Trump thinking Hillary will get the nomination. Bernie would win in a landslide because Hillary is not trusted and Trump is a dangerous flake.

Besides... What happens if Hillary wins the nomination and then gets indicted? Who wants a Trumpenstein monster presidency?


While the Republicans have been calling for each other to drop out none of the Democratic candidates have ever said that (why was Chafee ever in it in the first place?). Of course Clinton is in no position to make that request given that she stayed in until the end in 2008 when trailing Barack Obama. To me the real question is if Bernie does lose will he really put in an effort to unite the Democratic party. I have been going back and forth on that question and right now I think it is not in him do so. He might make a vague statement and leave it at that.


I'll not support Bernie if he continues on under this lie. I'm glad I gave money to his campaign and voiced support for him, but this is where it ends. There is no reason to continue to embrace a dead warhorse that has no will left to fight. I'll vote Trump instead. Reading John Cassidy's article today regarding HRC's foreign-policy outlook doubles down my commitment to vote for DT simply because it's a true fact (and we all know it) that this woman will be worse than Obama, possibly even GWB. I'm sick of war. I'm sick of destruction. I'm sick of these people that have posed and lied presenting themselves as the saviors of the poor, weak, and the most marginalized of this nation, while raining down terror upon those in other lands. The woman is a walking danger to humanity. I won't be one of the ones that gives her permission to pull us further into the Darkness.


Sorry Wereflea, you're probably a smart cookie, but you don't know what Donald Trump or anyone else will do that hasn't a track record in government. You must be a believer of the system as it is, that the chosen few are the only ones that know best. Take a look around and it's easy enough to see that the governing class doesn't know jack-shit, except how to help themselves and the ones that feed them cash.


Some commentators have said it's logistically too late for an independent run this year, no way to get registered in all states, etc.


Could be that it's too late to run as an independent. I don't know. Perhaps Bernie should retire right now and start a new party using the momentum he's gained. Otherwise, all of this was for nothing.


Really? You might want to go back to bed for an hour or so. The Donald is your fall back position because Clinton will be worse than Obama? If you're truly worried about disappearing into the Darkness you had better help find a way to keep Bernie running for president. Once he's gone you'll get the Darkness you're worried about, be it Clinton or Trump. Guaranfuckingteed!


Bernie is not going to win this nomination. If you believe that then I wish you luck. He (nor you or I) are going to influence HRC or anyone else to change things to our liking under the banner of the Sanders campaign at this point. It's toast. Denial's a bitch, ain't it?


Agreed. Clinton will drop Bernie's message like a bad habit as soon as she puts up new drapes in the Oval Office.


Are you kidding? Bernie is a gentleman and will support Hillary pro forma, if it comes to that. Of course he won't be enthusiastic, it would contradict, not just his campaign, but his life's work. Bernie's work is to take over the Democratic Party and thus transform it, a more realistic strategy than a Third Party approach, he surely isn't going to do anything to buttress it in its present form.


I agree. Ted Cruz is her savior.


I agree with you about Clinton, but out of desperation, I would not vote for Trump. There is nothing to show he would be any better and plenty of reason to believe that he could be worse. Hillary is an great example of what is wrong with this country, the Me Me Me and my rich friends, where Trump is an example of Me Me Me, period, full stop. I could never vote for Trump any more than I could vote Hitler.
The selection of candidates is not over and a lot can happen between now and November.


Yeah, lots of luck will be needed, but we all must continue to scramble to keep Bernie's campaign for the nomination alive. Hopefully Hillary's past will catch up with her soon, before July.


So you'll willingly and knowingly vote for someone as violent as Clinton? Sorry, don't quite know what's worse than voting for someone that will certainly murder more people & rain more destruction across the planet. (And she can't wait to do it, either.) Hmm..I don't get ya, Icee.


It can't be done. They will continue to embrace the democrats.


Where did I say I would vote for Clinton?


Would you rather start a journey with your supporters & friends or with your worst enemies pledged to your demise. Taking over the democratic party ain't gonna happen, either. I don't think you see the depth of this whole deal. Form the party itself to the interests they represent. The GOP may be bad, but these guys are the meanest & nastiest.


Are you kidding? And Trump will be the fucking anti-war give peace a chance dove? The man's all dick and would love to get involved in more warring around the globe. There's no 'lesser of two evils' here.