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Fake Moderate Susan Collins Gets 'Zero Points' Whatsoever for Vote on Witnesses: Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/31/fake-moderate-susan-collins-gets-zero-points-whatsoever-vote-witnesses-critics

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A quick end to this faux trial means Republican politicians are further exposed as craven and also Bernie can get back on the trail. I’ll take that as a win.


Satan smiling spreads it’s wings.

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It is almost as if one of the most corrupt administrations in the world do not want to investigate anyone for corruption. Can’t imagine why.


Susan Collins is a malignant tumor, posing as benign, on the sphincter of Maine. Somebody please call a proctologist so we can be rid of this Trump supporting, oligarchical menace.


…while spreading hate, destroying things.

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Not yet certain that senate to call a witness vote will lose.
Or that Trump will not be found guilty.
Bolton is certainly a very tainted person to have to believe.
A guy who would throw 1,600 hydrogen bombs all over europe, middle east, china, and probably Chicago also - should not have this esteemed reputation.

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Jeebus, knew this was coming from the get-go!
We get the same “fan dance” from her on every issue.
Pearl clutching and worry on every topic, then she just
does what the GOP/Trump wants!

That everyone, including the MSM, hasn’t caught onto this
and just factors in this BS value amazes me!

Not all that much different from Pelosi, really. Nancy does have a slightly better act.


Isn’t that the current definition of a Democratic “Centrist”?
I just think we should call them what they are, Conservatives,
or Republican-Lite, and stop with the BS euphemisms!

They all serve the same masters, it’s just a matter of how blatant
they are about it, and if they pretend to care about social issues.


My condolences to all in Maine. Let’s get rid of all these right wingers on both sides of one business party.


Anyone running against her? Let us know to send contributions.

“How much longer are we going to play this silly Susan Collins game?”

For long after she’s gone, probably, seeing that most people on both sides play the game of strategic voting based on paying vote-service (counterpart to lip-service) according to the political layout of their state and district.

I am happy to see an end to this ridiculous Trial.

First of all calling Witnesses will only confirm what we already know, Trump is a Lying Scoundrel and willing to do whatever it takes to win re-election.

The Witnesses will not add anything new and this process will take a week or two.

Sitting in the Senate twiddling his thumbs could cost Bernie the Election and change the course of History.

It is a total waste of time for Bernie to be sitting in the Senate Chambers when we all know the outcome of the Trial.

The Witnesses will not change anything,Trump will act Triumphant no matter what the Witnesses have to say.

Taking Bernie off the Campaign Trail could cost us the Election.

If Bernie can Win Iowa & New Hampshire it could give him the Momentum to go All The Way.

Forcing Bernie to sit through this absurd Trial could very well take Bernie out of contention and allow the mad bigot Trump to continue robbing our Treasury destroying our beautiful environment and ruining the Planet forever. Certainly we cannot expect the corrupt Biden to stop this maniac.


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Kind of agree. They could call every witness in the world and the GOP would still acquit him.
So, what’s the point? Time to move along.

Collins has the lowest favorability numbers of any senator in polls of their home states.

She’s just ahead of Mitch.

In any normal year, her seat would be an easy Dem pick up.
But when the DNC kneecaps Bernie out of the nomination, she’ll manage to get re-elected.

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Since the people on this site are among the most sophisticated that I encounter on the internet, I’ll make a slightly esoteric argument.

Sen. Collins’ performance is the very exemplification of politics in the modern U.S. Most of it is empty theater. Most of the politicians’ words are worthless.

Collins wants moderates in Maine to believe that she is fair-minded and dedicated to their interests and the rule of law. But when push comes to shove, she serves the corrupt political establishment.

She’s terrible.

Now consider the California Democratic Party. They want the left to believe that they work for the people and that they’re generally progressive, but when push comes to shove, they serve the corrupt political establishment, which is anything but progressive.

When progressive Kimberly Ellis won the 2017 election for chair of the CA Democratic Party with something like 66% of the vote, the party’s “super-delegates” negated her victory and installed PhRMA consultant, Eric Bauman, as the party’s new chair.

Their liberal-sounding words don’t mean jack.

For years, the California Democratic Party claimed they favor a single-payer healthcare system in the state. And what did they do the moment they won a super-majority in the state legislature? They shelved it.

Politics in the wholly-corrupt U.S. is called a “dog and pony” show and “Kabuki theater” for a reason.

The moderate and progressive platitudes offered by politicians like Collins and the rest are all part of an act. Only the corruption of our system by the neo-fascist .01% and the politics of Divide & Conquer (no IRV voting or third parties permitted!) means that the show must go on!

And it will go on… as the world continues burning.

Unless we can overcome a thoroughly rigged primary and get Bernie Sanders in the White House…



But at least we get the GOP on record as colluding together to keep trump in office. I’m hopeful that this will matter come November.

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Agree 1000%

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No, not in the least…
The 40/45% of baked in Trump lovers will buy Anything!
At this point he actually Could go to 5th Ave. and shoot someone
in the head, on camera, and they would NOT give a crap!
The 45% loony factor is Real, and very frightening.

Our Country, Democracy, Republic, is Broken!
They represent their own and .01% interests, and NOT the people!