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Falling Asleep In Your Car Outside Taco Bell While Black


Falling Asleep In Your Car Outside Taco Bell While Black

Yeah, it's still happening. It took six Vallejo, CA. cops firing "multiple rounds" to kill Willie McCoy, a 20-year-old rapper who fell asleep in his car with a gun in his lap, woke up and was evidently too startled to follow commands to raise his hands, thus causing all six cops to “fear for their own safety." Vallejo has a history of "killing us in the street," says McCoy's cousin and manager David Harrison. "It looks like my baby cousin was executed by a firing squad."


murder by police continues unabated - what will it take to overcome the racist police murders of people of color?


And let’s be clear. If had been a white man, he would have been treated with a kid glove. After all, white men are allowed to have guns, black men, not so much.


The police involved had better hope to God that the Taco Bell employee can corroborate their narrative about the gun’s presence before the execution. This gun in his lap/hand/in reach has become the standard “get- out-of-jail-free” trope invoked by law enforcement across the land to fit within the courts’ impregnable “fear for my life” defense…
Be well.


The 2nd amendment gives th ePolice an out on any such shootings. They just have to claim the victim carrying or made a move for his gun and it a get out of jail free card. If there no gun they can plant one or claim they thought he had one and in a nation where there so many guns people willing to accept the police narrative without question.


Here a strange account of a White guy with guns. It has to be one of the oddest things I ever read.

If you want to see how absurd it becomes however look to this case in Charlottesville.

So what happens is the mayor declares that people are prohibited from carrying certain items in an “exclusion zone” due to the fact they oftimes used by protesters. This includes bug spray , razor blades, and iced tea. So this veteran goes to the zone openly carrying two handguns and under right to carry is allowed to keep those handguns in that zone, but as soon as he purchases bug spray, razor blades and iced tea he is arrested.

A real head scratcher. Now if this was a Black Guy openly carrying two guns in that same zone, I doubt he would have made it to the store to buy bug spray.


Oh but this is liberal, democratic California where police have had a lot of power to do anything they want over the last several decades. Things are changing though and it seems like the liberal, democratic legislature is leading the way. Legislation has been passed which prevents police departments and cities from withholding information on police officers who have been charged with various offenses. They can no longer hide behind the shield. Now the police unions are moving to the courts. They wouldn’t want the public to know about all the bad apples.


Sometimes somebody kills somebody. When it is clearly intentional, it is often called murder. When six gutless wonders, dressed up as “Law. Enforcement. Officers.” get together and kill somebody asleep in his car, is that what is called “Mass-Murder”?


Not sure whether the takeaway here is racism or getting startled with a gun on your lap.


“We are aware of the attention this particular incident has gained and therefore I have ordered a full and complete investigation to be conducted.” police chief


To end this killing, we must demand that all military veterans with PTSD and or all individuals who have been in combat, not be hired as cops.
These ex-mercenaries/vets are doing what they signed up to do, which to kill brown folks and promote themselves as heroes while they fleece the US public with phony overtime and other over charging schemes.


it’s time for blacks to wear white face…


no ex-military, period! unless they have a cooling off period of five years after discharge and a subsequent complete and exhaustive retraining. hint: military do NOT make good police officers.


Black panthers.


Decades too late for it to matter to victims or perpetrators, Congress just declared extrajudicial execution by hanging a federal offense. I wonder how long our children’s children’s children will have to wait for some future Congress to recognize that modern-day lynchers don’t wear hoods or carry flaming crosses; they wear uniforms and carry badges. They don’t need ropes or trees. With arsenals that would make a terrorist by any other name weak with envy, they simply walk up to us wherever we are – in the streets, in Walmart, in the park, in our our homes – and pull the trigger.