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Familiar Faces Bankroll DNC Convention Account

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/15/familiar-faces-bankroll-dnc-convention-account


A virtual convention is fitting no?
As progressive voters and policies are virtual to the dem party.


all politics are bankrolled by money; not ideas, honor, justice, integrity or loyalty to the Common Good.
Until we remove money from the equation we will never have representative government; add “lobbyists”, and other one on one corruption to influence policy to private profits regardless the harm or pollution it may cause, and the picture is more or less complete.

the scotus fraud equating money with free speech is a large part of that problem. If money is equal to free speech, then those with more wealth are more equal than others, a thumb on the scales of justice and representation Of, By and FOR the people and Common Good - The Commons, and not special interests that corrupt they system for their own private profits.

.The “opposition” party is a corrupted fraud that serves not the people/society and the Commons, but private interests so destructive to honest government, justice, equality under the law, the military/police-state and for-profit wars, our common environment to serve wealth and those that control it,and profits uber alles -above all else.
Again the corruption by wealth and influence is at the heart of the manipulation and corruption of representative government to serve a minority and economic structure that dominates the present and future regardless all other considerations.
The time is short, the corruption and deception great, to regain honest government Of, By, and For the people.

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.” - John Adams


Yeah but but, Only Republicans are influenced as to how they will enact legislation by the monies they receive from their donors.

The Democrats are special and the monies they receive from Corporations do not influence their policies whatsoever.

An idiotic premise to be sure but there a lot of people who believe it.


How ironic that my husband received in the mail today an envelope from the “Biden Victory Fund”—and both he and I are living on Social Security. Sorry Joe, no megabuck donation here!


I got a letter today from trump saying “my patriotism and commitment to conservative republican values hasn’t gone unnoticed” and that “you are cordially invited to join the republican presidential task force”. All I have to do achieve this honor is to “send in a generous tax deductible contribution”.

Since I’m a registered democrat I suspect trump allowed the republican committee to raid the IRS mail roles to get my address. I’m almost tempted to send them a check for $1 to see what “presidential honors” that would bestow on me.

Funny how trump can get the Postal Service to send out this bullshit junk mail in a timely manner but it takes a week to get my medication thru the mail from only 30 miles away.


Do what I did. Simply stick a coupon for cat food in that envelope and return it. After the DNC and DCCC received five or six of these from me, some brighter-than-average campaign worker finally got the message and removed my name from their prospective “donor” list.


Kinda feels like just another silly protection scheme, for the planet’s billionaires? If Trump had a chance of losing, due to feeding us all to a frigging virus, our landlords, private equity stripped “health” systems, PhARMA… tossing chronically ill survivors to the FIRE Sector & gig economy. First, they mau-mau their 0.01% patrons with candidates who don’t exactly LOOK or ACT like them, promising M4A, GND, $25/hr… Then, they TERRIFY us with Cheeto fucking Hitler. Then blame US! They’re making their donors an offer WE can’t refuse, again!


I was on Trump’s mailing list for a fairly long time. It amused me to get email thanking me for my wonderful support, and being told that he couldn’t win without me.

I got on the list soon after he was elected by responding to a poll his campaign put out. In my poll response, I stated exactly what I thought of Trump. Somehow, that made me one of Trump’s strongest supporters.

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Well there are some on these Boards who insist that if you vote for the Greens or do not Vote at all you are in fact voting for Trump so I guess in those peoples minds your strong objections to the person of Herr trump makes you one of his strongest supporters.

This obviously means that if you do not vote for the Democrats you become one of their strongest supporters.


Cat Food Pate coupon! Brilliant, EB!

Your gesture communicates our Food Stamp Nation after 50 years of bi-partisan Wage Stag-Nation and Wall Street investor indoctri-NATION come alive for these gated community representatives of AMERICA FIRST and the Military’s mantra of “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND” even as we and our policy outcomes were normalizing homelessness and the FAIRCLOTH AMENDMENT that without much notice limited the Public Subsidized Housing our tax-payer dollars could build so that the speculative markets and our current Treasury Secretary could personally profit and now be printing and signing our money instead of crossing off days left to serve from inside a cell of Club Fed!

Here’s a lullaby for our Age of Plague, what Zadie Smith calls our Global Humbling. However, our troubled sleep should’ve at least preceded that by the revelations of how our affordable housing market contracted instead of expanded after the tax-payer TARP bail-outs for lenders while allowing the foreclosed upon to join the DISPLACED MASSES LONGING TO BE SHELTERED. Often a direct consequence of mortgage lender illegal actions silently observed by laissez faire congressional reps. As a whole bubble of Financialized Real Estate and its fake collateralized debt obligations in de-regulated and unfettered global markets of unfettered capital built up with barely and comment from our corporate-captured broadcast system.

The mortgage and Financialized Housing industry left the legal pre-requisite of real documentation and county recorder’s hard doc deed documentation for the virtual substitution of MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) and industry shift barely commented upon in TV Land where most Americans get their informed if manufactured consent to their own dispossession. Where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or MARKETPLACE or BUSINESS INSIDER or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or FREAKANOMICS or FORBES: Where never an analytical or Public Interest extrapolitive word of defense is heard for our Working Class Heroes living off the sweat of their brows. Ever see or hear WAGE SLAVE WEEK or PLANET OF THE CLOCK PUNCHERS anywhere on our broadcast spectrum that extends agenda-wise from GREED IS GOOD to THE EMASCULATING EVILS OF A NANNY STATE.

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