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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What's Included and Who Got Left Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/16/families-first-coronavirus-response-act-whats-included-and-who-got-left-out

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Funny how back in 2008 when the country was broke and in two wars and the economy tanked because of corporate greed and all the sudden the treasury had a few trillion dollars to bail out all the corporate crooks with no problem finding the money nor worrying about how to pay for it. Now move forward to today and the people need help and all the sudden we dont got the money. lol Why is that. Trump found the money to build a stupid wall and he found 15 billion to pay his corporate farmers because of his is incompetence but no money to help the people. We need to vote these assholes out of Washington and deport trump supporters to Russia…


Yesterday, a retinue of d-party apologists told us that Pelosi had to offer something that could pass in the Senate. Many of us argued otherwise, because this bill was weak as hell, and because McConnell and the Rs in the Senate would cave.

Suddenly, the Senate is going to consider a much bigger bill than Nancy’s. So let’s see those apologists appear here and admit we were right and they were wrong.

Compromised immunity

I know the Families First Coronavirus Response Act largely sucks, but it’s just the first one, to get something out there quickly. Many of its shortcomings will no doubt be remedied in the Families Second Coronavirus Response Act… (rim-shot)

I’m not getting any response to these coronavirus jokes. Maybe cuz they cleared everyone outta here, or maybe cuz the material is lame…

My county and Bay Area neighbor counties just got locked down for 14-days: shelter-in-place. Help! I’m stranded in a desert bungalow with my spouse and two dogs!

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Where do we go to sign up for the family first?

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too late, sorry. we only have family last applications remaining

That’s a little what it feels like for 7 million of us in 7 Bay Area counties: isolated in our domiciles, feeling like the last family on Earth. Don’t get me wrong – people are cool about it (we are the Bay Area, after all) since the bummer shelter-in-place is almost just as much a bummer for everyone. All told I’m delighted by the general atmosphere of cheerful cooperation, thus far.

I’m pretty sure this article has it backwards: Employers of >500 are the ONLY ones to whom the requirement to pay employee applies, and <500 are exempt.